Auch in der Corona-Krise ist die Schreiner Group weiterhin für Sie da

Liebe Kunden, Lieferanten, Partner und Mitarbeiter,

die derzeitige Corona-Krise stellt uns alle vor große Herausforderungen. In der momentanen Ausnahmesituation hat die Schreiner Group zwei große Ziele, an denen die gesamte Belegschaft intensiv und engagiert arbeitet: der Schutz der Menschen und die Aufrechterhaltung der Lieferfähigkeit.

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Schreiner Group continues to stand by your side also during the corona crisis

Dear customers, suppliers, partners and employees,

The current corona crisis confronts all of us with great challenges. In the present emergency situation, Schreiner Group has two major aims that our entire workforce is pursuing with intensity and dedication: protecting people and sustaining our ability to supply our products.

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Security Technologies Adding Value to Your Business

Effectively protect your products and documents against counterfeiting, tampering or diversion – using the security technologies from Schreiner ProSecure.

Special Security Solutions for Your Needs

Solutions for Product and Document Protection
Tamper evidence
Transfer Effect

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Ansprechpartnerin Fachpresse

Susanne Höppner

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Self-adhesive seals used for instance as closure seals or in the public sector to officially validate and mark documents must not be non-destructively removable or reusable under any circumstances.


The transfer effect is the result of a unique product design that offers maximum tamper protection. When the protective film is peeled off after applying the seal only adhesive and ink will remain on the substrate. In an attempt to lift or loosen the seal, the print will disintegrate into many small parts, which excludes a re-utilization of the seal. 


  • Reliable protection against tampering and re-utilization
  • Individual combination with a wide range of anti-counterfeiting features available
  • Machine labeling with protective film is possible
  • Easy application by hand using a transfer film with starter tab

      Labels with Integrated Security Features Protect Your Products

      To counter the constant threat posed by counterfeits, Schreiner ProSecure develops technologies and products that ensure worldwide authentication of original products and documents, and thus support enforcement of intellectual property rights such as trademarks and patents. As a result, sales losses due to pirated products, image loss or product liability risks are reduced.

      • Threat analyses and application consulting assisting in the selection of security technologies
      • Derivation of effective, technical protective measures against imitations, plagiarism or counterfeiting, e.g. based on quality seals for label-based authentication by laypersons and experts
      • Integration of anti-counterfeiting technologies in pharmaceutical marking and functional labels
      • Closure seals for reliable sealing of folding boxes and packs, as well as other containers such as vials, pens, etc.
      • Marking of technical functional components, assembly components and spare parts for protection against product piracy
      • Tamper protection for housings, such as card readers, electronic control units or other electronics
      • Tamper-proof and counterfeit-proof scratch labels to cover PINs and other secret codes
      • Identification and authentication technologies and IT-based systems for automatic identification of machine components or product tracking and tracing
      • Protection of sensitive documents and proof-of-payment of official fees or taxes for public-sector clients
      • Counterfeit-proof direct marking of products and components

      Schreiner ProSecure: Your Partner for Security Technologies

      Schreiner ProSecure bietet wirtschaftliche Lösungen für den Produkt- und Dokumentenschutz

      Schreiner ProSecure converts its comprehensive know-how in the field of security technologies and long-standing experience gained from a large number of successful projects into cost-effective solutions for product and document protection. In collaboration with an international network of partners, Schreiner ProSecure develops self-adhesive marking and security label platforms that provide maximum protection. Individual consulting support, a capable research and development team, plus synergies from the interaction with Schreiner Group’s business units make Schreiner Group a development partner with strong innovative capabilities.

      External Network
      Today’s business world requires a holistic understanding of issues. That’s why Schreiner ProSecure works together with external partners that assist in the battle against product counterfeiting and tampering, and the development of customer solutions by contributing their specialized know-how. This network includes government authorities, legal experts, independent testing institutes, associations (e.g. VDMA and NASPO) and industry-specific decision-making bodies, as well as technology suppliers in the field of security inks, holography or digital authentication solutions.

      Certified Security Management
      In the development of anti-counterfeiting technologies and customized product solutions, absolute confidentiality and security play a key role. To ensure that no information and materials get into the wrong hands, Schreiner Group has implemented a wide variety of measures to protect data, information, production and distribution, thus ensuring security and non-disclosure. Schreiner Group is certified according to the stringent requirements of NASPO (North American Security Products Organization) for security printing companies and ISO 14298:2015. The certification body of TÜV Information Technology has certified Schreiner Group’s compliance with all criteria according to DeTeCardService / TÜViT TU4®,V2.0. In addition, Schreiner Group has been awarded certification by DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH and Mastercard for the production of deposit seals and payment stickers.

      Consulting Support
      A partner that understands the issues of its customers based on experience and expertise is able to demonstrate appropriate ways to resolve these issues. To develop the best and most effective concept, Schreiner ProSecure always looks at any challenge from all angles. This approach encompasses a large number of individual steps, such as careful analysis of the task and risk, individual development of a strategy including the definition of security technologies and, finally, the integration into your marking and production processes. In addition, suppliers and customers are included in the security concept as well. Schreiner ProSecure takes care of completely documenting the project, trains employees and ensures the smooth implementation of the protective concept into existing processes.

      Schreiner ProSecure News

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      Product Protection: DIN Guide with our Know-how

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