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Government and Traffic Management

RFID and Security Labels for Government Applications

In applications of public authorities, state institutions or government-related organizations, security labels fulfill a variety of tasks: They document compliance with legal requirements, show authorizations, or serve as proof of charges paid.
Our safety labels are the right solution when it comes to vehicle registration, insurance license plates and vehicle operation. For projects relating to document protection, protection of PINs and confidential information, as well as automatic RFID vehicle identification for parking and tolls, Schreiner PrinTrust has the right solution.

Schreiner PrinTrust's range of services for government and traffic management
Solutions for vehicle registration and operation

Trusting cooperation and reliable business relationships are our basis. We support our customers with applications for security and authentication.

Vehicle Registration with Additional Security

The RFID-3rd License Plate is a security label for marking and identifying vehicles.

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RFID Vehicle Recognition

The RFID windshield label for automatic vehicle identification (AVI) enables reliable and automatic vehicle identification and access control.

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Insurance License Plates

The adhesive license plate is used, among other things, as a registration plate for mopeds and e-scooters.

Vignette Switzerland 2022


Vignettes are counterfeit-proof, chargeable control stamps for back-gluing, e.g. for the collection of tolls.

Driving license with document adhesive seal

Protection against Counterfeiting for Documents

Document adhesive seals offer a high level of protection against tampering and forgery and are used, for example, for vehicle registration.

Car license with PIN safe

PIN Protection

Protection for secrect information such as „personal identification numbers“ (PIN). Our PIN Safe product offers the highest security for PIN mailers.

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Fine Dust Pollution Sticker

Fine Dust Pollution Sticker

Behind-Glass Sticker for the Identification of Low-Emission Vehicles.


More About Our Security Technologies

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