Laser Technology

Marking, cutting or welding—Schreiner Group's laser technology for labels and nameplates offers all this, depending on the task at hand.

Material Processing by Means of Laser

The color laser foil can be subsequently labeled, making it particularly resistant.

In modern manufacturing, there is frequent switching between different product variants, which have to be labeled accordingly in a flexible manner and marked for the long term.

For these purposes, the contactless laser marking process takes place inside the material composite under a transparent protective film. The nameplates are therefore particularly scratch-resistant and durable.

This technology is ideal for the production of self-adhesive labels and label sets on Nd:YAG, vanadate and fiber laser systems.

Neither solid particles nor gases are released during the chemical conversion of the laser-active layer. The cleaning and maintenance effort of the laser system is thus significantly reduced and the environment is significantly less polluted. If pre-cut label formats are used, the process is completely emission-free and thus suitable for cleanrooms.

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Laser technology allows variable data to be re-marked without contact.
▶  Laser marking In 16 seconds to the finished label set

Laser marking is particularly suitable for labels in the automotive and technical industries.

Advantages of Laser Marking

  • Fast, emission-free marking (therefore no cleaning effort compared to burn-off foils)
  • Generation of the laser marking inside the material composite
  • High resistance due to transparent laminate
  • High level of authenticity and counterfeit protection
  • Individually matched adhesives
  • Highest flexibility in label design
  • Very good color contrast
  • Markable with various NIR lasers (e.g. Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Yb-FaseNr)

Applications Laser Technology