DPG Deposit Labels

Schreiner PrinTrust is a certified security printer for DPG deposit labels and specifically for the DPG cover-label.

Cans with DPG deposit labels

The mandatory deposit on certain one-way beverage bottles has existed in Germany since 2003. At the beginning of 2022, the system was extended to additional containers: Plastic one-way beverage bottles with a capacity of 3 l and beverage cans are now generally subject to mandatory deposits. Consequently, manufacturers or importers of beverages that have to comply with this requirement must provide their products with approved DPG deposit labels. Unless this is done directly on the packaging, marking by a so-called cover-label is compulsory. The sale of relevant products without such deposit markings is not permissible.

Small Label, High-Level Requirements

Due to the central importance of marking in the DPG system, the requirements and security specifications to be met by approved printers are correspondingly high and the labels can be purchased exclusively from certified security printers such as Schreiner PrinTrust.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Certified: We are licensed and certified for printing DPG cover-labels
  • Counterfeit-proof: The official DPG marks are protected by security technologies
  • Ease of use: The self-adhesive labels are applied directly to beverage packaging
  • Tested: All labels pass through an internal quality inspection to guarantee a smooth workflow within the deposit system
  • Experienced: Our specialized know-how is based on decades of experience in the production of specialty labels
  • Personalized: We reliably meet our customers’ expectations for top performance and our customer consultants are ready to serve you

Your Pathway to the DPG Deposit Label: Fast, Secure, and Straightforward

Do you have any questions? Are you a DPG-registered beverage manufacturer or importer and would like to register with our webshop? Please get in touch with us.


If you’re already registered with our webshop, you can easily order cover-labels for your product range in a straightforward transaction.

Order DPG deposit labels


Where can I register for the DPG deposit system?

To obtain permission for applying a deposit logo to your product, you have to initially register with Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH as a manufacturer or importer. You will receive a GLN (Global Location Number) from Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH, which you will need to place an order in our store. The link to the website can be found here:
Following your Registration you can easily and conveniently order your DPG deposit labels in our webshop.

How can I order the deposit labels from you?

As a registered beverage manufacturer or importer and following your registration with our shop, you can easily order the official DPG deposit labels from our Webshop in a straightforward transaction.

How can I apply the DPG deposit label?

The DPG deposit labels can be applied either on top of an old barcode or to supplement the main label.