Competence Center

Experts for Technologies

In addition to the three divisions, four Competence Centers, which focus on specific technologies and their further development, operate under the Schreiner Group umbrella brand.

Specialists in the Network

In designing and developing their products, the business areas draw on the specialist technologies of the Competence Centers. On this basis, depending on the industry and individual customer requirements, intelligent solutions are created that offer additional benefits, simplify processes and reduce costs.

Schreiner LogiData

Experts for RFID and NFC

Schreiner LogiData specializes in technologies for RFID products and system solutions.

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Schreiner ProSecure

Experts for Security Technologies

Schreiner ProSecure specializes in technologies for product and document protection.

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Schreiner Services

Experts for Processing Systems

Schreiner Services specializes in technology consulting, systems sales and services.

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Schreiner Digital Solutions

Experts for Digital Services

Schreiner Digital Solutions specializes in digital solutions and services for data management.

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