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Needle Protection System Needle-Trap

Worldwide unique label with integrated needle trap to protect against needlestick injuries after injections.

Needle-Trap: Innovative Needle Protection System for Prefilled Syringes

Every year, more than one million needlestick injuries occur in Europe's hospitals and medical practices. Physicians, nurses, and caregivers are exposed to an increased risk of infection. Legal requirements such as the EU Directive “2010/32/EU on the prevention of needlestick injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector” or the specifications of the US federal agency NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) for safe instruments are intended to protect medical personnel. Schreiner MediPharm's Needle-Trap needle protection system offers reliable protection for healthcare users and patients as well as a cost-efficient product for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Needle-Trap – making safety a snap

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▶  Needle-Trap making safety a snap

Needle Protection System Needle-Trap in Numbers

International awards
Units produced since 2009
94 %
Recommendation among surveyed physicians and nurses

Our Unique System Design – Your Benefit

Safety, economy, flexibility and process reliability: Needle-Trap combines the requirements of medical personnel and the pharmaceutical industry alike.

Benefits for pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • Processing on conventional dispensing systems
  • Easy integration into existing processes
  • No adaptation of the outer packaging
  • Cost effective thanks to simple and compact design
  • Minimal investment in application systems
  • Individual label design possible
  • FDA 510(k) Premarket Notification

Benefits for medical staff and patients

  • Easy handling
  • Extremely low weight
  • Controlled system activation with only one hand
  • Irreversible and clearly recognizable snap effect
  • No change in injection technique
  • Normal disposal and low waste
  • No additional space required
  • Needle and syringe contents completely visible
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Additional Functions That Can Be Integrated

Removable documentation labels can be used to document vaccinations or injections in the vaccination record or patient file.
Needle-Trap needle protection with first-opening indicator

Needle-Trap can be individually equipped with additional features:

  • Removable label parts for documentation and tracking of medication in patient records
  • Security seal for first-opening indication
  • Graduation for safe dosing
  • Security features for counterfeit protection
  • Temperature indicator
  • QR-Code
Use Case

A Double Dose of Safety: Needle Protection System Needle-Trap plus First-Opening Indication

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Internationally Successful in Use

Use Case

Needle-Trap for Enoxaparin Sodium Syringes from Kingfriend China

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Use Case

Needle-Trap for Heparin Sodium Syringes from B. Braun Medical in USA

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Sustainable Needle Protection

By defining sustainability criteria, Schreiner Group has set a benchmark for its sustainable labels. If a product meets at least one of the three criteria, it receives the “Integrated Sustainability” award. Needle-Trap by Schreiner MediPharm meets two of the three criteria and thus has a reduced, ecological footprint. It is characterized by:

Needle-Trap meets all three of Schreiner Group's sustainability criteria and has been awarded the Integrated Sustainability logo.
  • Up to 50% regranulate content in the plastic trap
  • More compact design and less plastic material compared to conventional needle protection systems
  • No need to change secondary packaging
  • Minimal space requirement during transport, storage and disposal

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Small Needlestick—Large Risk

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