Employees and Company

Focus on People

What makes us successful? We are convinced that it is our employees! Accordingly, we challenge and encourage them. Environmental protection, social projects and the training of young people—our responsibility does not end at the company's boundaries. We are excited to be involved in the community.

Optimal Conditions: What We Offer Our Employees

Our human resources policy is an important component of our holistic corporate management and has already been recognized by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and Labor with the award “Successful.Family-friendly” award. To enable valuable contributions to be made, we at Schreiner Group create a positive environment, a collegial and open corporate culture, and optimal working conditions.

Secure jobs in an exciting environment

  • Robustness of the company takes precedence over growth
  • Innovative products serving growth markets
  • Modern high-tech machinery
  • Internationality: Sites in USA and China

Targeted, individual promotion of each employee

  • Broad range of continuing education programs
  • Individual development plans
  • Challenging projects and tasks
  • Possibility of working at our foreign locations
  • Promotion of part-time continuing education
  • Targeted development programs for young talent and managers

Optimal working conditions

  • Modern, air-conditioned, spacious workplaces
  • Beautiful canteen with high quality food
  • Numerous common rooms (coffee lounge, tea kitchens, rest rooms, etc.)
  • Covered parking spaces

Active health promotion

  • Health seminars (e.g. dealing with stress, back-friendly behavior)
  • Free flu vaccinations and vision tests by the company doctor
  • Preventive occupational safety program
  • Mobile massage

Attractive benefits

  • Flexible flexitime and part-time models
  • Childcare during the summer vacations
  • Company pension plan with 15% employer contribution
  • Numerous employee discounts and reductions
  • Mobile working
  • Vacation and Christmas bonus
  • Possibility of sabbaticals

Active promotion of togetherness

  • Strengthening team spirit and group cohesion—for example through team events, workshops and joint restaurant visits
  • Small gifts as an expression of personal appreciation for birthdays, company anniversaries, weddings, births and Valentine's Day, among other occasions
  • Open, internal communication, including through intranet, employee newspaper, notices, structured meeting system and direct exchange with management, works council, HR department and even management (regular open office hours for all employees)

Our Commitment to Society and Tradition

Girls Day, apprenticeship or internship: We promote qualified junior staff.

Promotion of junior employees

Schreiner Group regards the promotion of qualified junior staff as an important aspect of its social responsibility.

  • Intensive training work
  • Supervision of pupils and students (internships and theses)
  • Information events on the apprenticeship professions
  • Company tours
  • Longstanding cooperation with local schools
  • Maintaining contacts and cooperating with universities that offer the print and media technology course of study

Social commitment

Schreiner Group sees itself as a responsible part of society and a reliable partner. Assuming social responsibility for our home community of Oberschleissheim and our new site in Dorfen is firmly anchored in our self-image as a family-owned company with regional roots:

  • Support for social institutions in the region
  • Promotion of youth work by local clubs
  • Commitment to schools and colleges in the area
  • Joint actions with the mayor (photo)
  • Cooperation with a workshop for the disabled
  • Corporate donations for good causes
  • Permanent voluntary fundraising by the Works Council
The traditional Schäffler dance is performed every seven years at the Schreiner Group.

Popular custom: Schäfflertanz

The company is also involved in the cultural sector. Since 1977, for example, Schreiner Group has been supporting the old tradition of the Schäffler dance, which, according to legend, has its origins in 1517. At that time, the plague had raged in Munich. To bring joy to the people and to revive the streets, the Schäffler danced through the whole city. Every seven years, most recently in February 2019, the Munich barrel makers are Schreiner Group's guests with their guild dance and colorful costumes.

The Gautschfeier is the “baptism” of the young printers in the wooden vat after they have completed their training.

Maintaining traditions: Gautschfeier

Another medieval tradition of the craft guild lives on with the “baptism” of the young printers after completion of their apprenticeship, the so-called “Gautschfeier”: By taking a bath in a wooden tub, the young printers are symbolically washed clean of the “mischief, faults, bungling, and hustling” of their apprenticeship period.