Product Solution

Adhesive Bonding

Fastening, fixing and connection: Self-adhesive die-cut parts reliably connect components, housings or displays.

Safe Adhesion

If components are to be connected to each other, there are two possibilities: Mechanical methods such as screwing or welding, or the connection by gluing. Adhesive solutions can meet individual requirements and cover additional functions such as insulation. The self-adhesive die-cut and molded parts join parts and components made of a wide variety of materials securely, quickly and cleanly. We offer a wide solution portfolio of adhesive pads, double-sided adhesive parts or display adhesives.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Secure and reliable adhesion
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives and precision-fit contours individually matched to the application and substrates
  • Fast and clean processing
  • No drying and curing times
  • Combination of functions through single or multilayer composites

Adhesive Expertise

Schreiner ProTech will advise you on all aspects of choosing the right connection solution. Whether low-energy substrate, resistance to external influences or even standards and qualifications that the product must meet: Our experts will find the right connection solution for your application.

Automatic processing of self-adhesive fasteners

All From One Source

With all solutions, we always have the overall system in mind. That's why Schreiner ProTech's experts also advise on the selection, installation and maintenance of the necessary processing technology.


The experts for adhesive solutions explain advantages of self-adhesive die-cut and molded parts in a video series.

Video Series

Do adhesive die-cut parts have advantages over other joining technologies? What needs to be considered when bonding? Our experts answer these and other questions in a series of videos about adhesive bonding.

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