You want to know how to process our functional parts and specialty labels perfectly? Just ask us! Schreiner Group has extensive expertise in processing. Depending on their individual needs, our customers receive perfectly tailored systems such as printers, dispensing systems, scanners, testing devices or software for their products.


  • All systems can be perfectly integrated into existing production lines
  • We are experts in materials, products to be processed and processing machines
  • You receive everything from a single source, i. e. products and processing systems are optimally matched to each other
  • For every possible application a customized solution is found
  • Neutral (manufacturer-independent) advice
  • Our precise systems enable the highest process reliability

Processing Systems

Automatic processing systems are not only fast, but above all extremely precise. Self-adhesive die-cut parts are often paper-thin and feather-light. They must be processed with micrometer precision. What a human being cannot possibly do, our systems can.

Fully automatic system solutions are suitable for fast processing.
Special Case Labels for Venting

Processing Systems for Pressure Compensation Membranes

For membranes for venting, we offer specialized dispensing and processing solutions.

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Semi-automatic Processing Systems

Some self-adhesive labels are applied manually because, for example, the small number of pieces makes an automatic system unprofitable. To do this, the label must first be separated from the backing material. This is hardly possible by hand. Therefore, we offer individual devices, which are selected according to label format, adhesive and quantity requirements.

Semi-automatic converting systems separate the label from the liner so that it can be applied manually.

Printer/Dispensing Applicator Systems

We offer our customers process-safe, industry-proven dispensing systems. These can be implemented in a wide variety of designs and offer various additional functions such as printing, laminating and dispensing in a single process step.

We even enable systems with innovative special technologies such as ultrasonic welding or vacuum-based labeling: In ultrasonic welding, plastic parts are joined together by mechanical vibrations. Vacuum-based pick-and-place applicators suck in the label with precisely set vacuum and place it with micron precision.

Application systems
Dispensing systems

Labeling Systems

You want to write on your labels only during production? No problem! With thermal printing systems, individual data for type plates, logistics labels and other identification labels can only be generated during production. In addition, various options are available, from stand-alone systems through to integrated solutions. 

Marking systems such as this stand-alone solution allow for in-process label inscription.

Customized Processing Systems

Your requirements do not allow for a prefabricated solution? Of course, we also offer customized complete solutions for application and testing systems. These enable maximum efficiency and process reliability. From us you get comprehensive and manufacturer-independent advice from design to commissioning.

If you have any questions, please contact us.