Security Technologies

Digital Identification

Digital identification technologies integrated into labels, such as KeySecure and NFC, allow a product to be clearly identified—even by non-experts.

Advantages of Digital Identification

  • Verification of originality via smartphone
  • Very high counterfeit protection
  • Fast implementation
  • Each product becomes unique
  • Easy handling
  • Uncomplicated use by consumers and experts

Web- or smartphone-based identification and authentication of products connects the analog and digital worlds and enables linking with other digital offerings.

Web- or Telephone-Based Authentication

KeySecure is an IT system (Software-as-a-Service) for web- or telephone-based authentication of alphanumeric codes. Each product label has a unique security code that can be queried via the internet or by telephone.

Labels with an integrated NFC chip enable quick and easy digital identification, which is now possible with virtually any smartphone. Depending on the particular application, customized solutions using password protection, signatures or encryption methods are possible and offer a very high level of protection against forgery.