Digital Solutions

Schreiner Group's smart labels are combined with digital solutions and services to create a suitable overall package.

Digital Solutions and Services for Data Management

The potential use cases are very diverse and range from digital security solutions to database-based logistics applications and value-added services for end customers.

The use cases for digital solutions are very diverse.

Wide Variety of Use Cases

Security Solutions

  • Supply chain security
  • Smart labeling
  • Active and passive counterfeiting protection
  • Fraud detection solutions

Logistics & Serialization Solutions

  • Track & trace
  • Logistics Insights
  • Logistics monitoring and status checks

Marketing Solutions

  • Activation of end users
  • Innovative communication channel
  • Brand visibility

Powerful Databases as a Basis

With the help of databases—whether as a cloud solution or in the customer's data center—all events are stored and all required information is made available. Interfaces to existing IT systems allow integration into existing systems and processes.

Example Use Cases

Customized apps

The apps, which are specially tailored to the customer's needs with attractive and easy-to-use interfaces, are implemented with selected partners in an agile manner and on the basis of tested modules.

A customized app can be used, for example, to read the data from NFC labels.

Smart city

When it comes to implementing RFID labeling solutions, Schreiner Group supports renowned companies committed to smart city applications. This is how we are helping to shape the digitization of cities and municipalities into smart cities.

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In a smart city, everything from waste disposal and vehicle management to the sewage system is recorded and mapped seamlessly in a database.

B2B shop

Standard orders are often still made using Excel forms. However, this is prone to errors. Schreiner Group has extensive experience in designing and implementing B2B shops for its customers in order to modernize order processes and make them digital and future-proof.

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The B2B store supports the ordering process as an ordering and configuration tool.