Healthcare: Our Contribution to this Future Market

With smart labels, multifunctional specialty labels and self-adhesive marking solutions, we help make life a little healthier.

Health is the Most Valuable Asset of Mankind.

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The healthcare industry is growing—and facing major challenges: Globalization, regulatory requirements, rising cost pressure, the increasing risk of counterfeit drugs, an aging population and more chronic diseases. At the same time, the trend toward self-medication is growing and the focus is shifting more to the patient (“patient centricity”). Personalized medicine and apps that digitally support patients with their medication and evaluate their health data are intended to achieve faster therapeutic success. If you want to survive in the healthcare market, you have to invest in future-proof, patient-centric solutions.

As a strategic partner for the healthcare industry, Schreiner MediPharm offers innovative solutions and services that serve product and patient safety.

Forward-looking Solutions for the Healthcare Market

Illustration of the digitization of the various fields of application in the healthcare industry.

Areas of application

Our smart labels and individual marking solutions make a contribution in many areas:

  • Supply chain security and integrity
  • Supply chain management in the hospital
  • Digitization and connectivity
  • Protection of healthcare personnel
  • Process optimization in everyday medical practice
  • Patient support for self-medication
  • Adherence to therapy (Medication Adherence Monitoring)
  • Increased efficiency in clinical trials (time-to-market)
  • Product and brand protection

Our market expertise

We have extensive market expertise and offer solutions for:

Selected Product Solutions

Needle Protection System


A globally unique label with an integrated needle trap to protect against needlestick injuries.

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Security Labels

Tamper Evidence

Labels for a first opening indication of folding boxes and primary containers.

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Smart Labels

Robust RFID-Label

An extra strong RFID-Label with a special security structure to protect the RFID chip.

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Future Healthcare: Digitization of Health

Dr. Thomas Schweizer, President of Schreiner MediPharm, on the trends in healthcare and innovative specialty labels.

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Sustainability: Acting Today for the Generations of Tomorrow

Economic success, ecological responsibility and social commitment are the triad of sustainability. With our innovations, we are making a significant contribution to this: We proactively develop products and solutions that create economic, ecological and social added value in the future, thus helping pharmaceutical companies meet their responsibility for people, the environment and society. How can we support you in achieving your sustainability goals?


Sustainability for the Healthcare Industry


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