Venting of Housings

Schreiner Group develops application-specific venting solutions which seal enclosures reliably and impermeably to moisture, but allow air exchange.

Venting Solutions

Air-permeable membranes, which are gas-permeable and at the same time water-tight, are used for the venting of housings and other components.

Schreiner Group offers a portfolio of membrane materials, so that for almost every application there is a material with the right combination of water-tightness and airflow. A wide variety of formats are possible, which are individually adapted to the design and size of the component. Bonding and welding serve as joining technologies. Aeration elements are easy and cost-effective to apply thanks to label technology and can be combined with various additional benefits.

A label for venting can be used to compensate for pressure differences inside and outside enclosures.

Pollutant Free Products

All Schreiner Group membranes for ventilation and air extraction are free of harmful substances and do not contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and PFOA precursor compounds. This ensures that no persistent organic pollutants (POPs) harm humans or the environment and that the EU POPs Regulation is complied with.

Many Years of Expertise

  • Highest requirements: Protection classes IP67 and IPX9K
  • A wide range of test equipment for checking essential performance and functional characteristics
  • Simulation program for calculating the pressure conditions in a customer component for the specific design of the pressure compensation seal
  • Laboratory rapid aging methods to test and prove the durability of the products
  • Camera control and functional testing during the complete manufacturing process to ensure perfect quality

Processing of Venting Membranes

Venting membranes require special processing due to their sensitive structure.

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