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Booklet-Labels and Multi-Page Labels

Specialty multi-page labels with extended text area for multilingual information on medicine packaging and containers.

Booklet-Labels: Extensive Product Information Compactly Integrated into the Label

Legal regulations require comprehensive information on pharmaceutical products. Frequently, this has to be available in multiple languages. Clinical trials, which are usually conducted internationally, also require detailed descriptions in the respective local language. With Pharma-Multi-Inform, Schreiner MediPharm offers specialty labels for product marking that can save an extra package insert—as a multi-page booklet or multi-layer film label. All product variants offer sufficient space for multilingual information on the drug and its administration. The multi-page labels are developed specifically for each application and are suitable for primary or secondary packaging.

Our Versatile Booklet-Labels and Multi-Page Labels—Your Benefit

Application areas

  • Folding boxes and outer packaging
  • Vials and containers even with small radii
  • Infusion bottles
  • Syringes
  • Pens and autoinjectors
  • Blisters
  • Plastic containers
  • Special shapes, e.g. inhalers

Benefits for pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • High cost-effectiveness and reduction of variety of sorts, as only one label version needs to be created
  • Customizable number of pages
  • Efficient production processes
  • Flexibility in the use and international distribution of the preparations
  • Adaptable to different shapes, sizes, materials and substrates of folding boxes, containers and blisters
Schreiner MediPharm's booklet labels can be processed on conventional dispensing equipment.

Benefits for medical staff

  • All information is permanently available directly on the product
  • Efficient and convenient handling
  • Process optimization in everyday medical practice
  • Increase in product and patient safety
Doctor reading product information on the booklet label of a vial.

Benefits in clinical trials

  • Flexible use in international clinical studies in different countries
  • All important information is available in multiple languages
  • Optimized processes and enhanced planning reliability
  • Support of a fast time-to-market
Employee reads product information on the booklet label of a vial during a clinical trial.

Additional Functions That Can Be Integrated

The Booklet-Labels can be individually equipped with additional features:

  • Closure seal with special effects for tamper evidence and as first opening indication
  • KeySecure tracing system for digital traceability
  • NFC chip for reliable authenticity control and further digital information
  • Overt, semi-covert and covert authentication features for authenticity verification
  • Integrated hanger for easy suspension of infusion bottles
  • Detachable documentation labels for medication tracking
Booklet-Label on folding box with integrated closure seal and KeySecure for digital traceability.

Applications in Clinical Trials

Use Case

Clinical Trial at Sanofi: Booklet-Label for Needle Protection System

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Use Case

Specialty Combo for Clinical Trials: Pharma-Tac + Booklet-Label

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