Professional Supplier Management

Purchasing supports our competitiveness through partnership relationships and attractive contracts for all goods and services.

Our Purchase in Numbers:

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Purchasing: Alignment on Material Groups

Our purchasing department plays a key role in ensuring Schreiner Group's competitiveness by establishing and developing long-term supplier relationships based on partnership. They are the first point of contact in the function as strategic interface between our company and our suppliers.

For Schreiner Group, the long-term availability of the materials and raw components used as well as an open, early communication of any changes are the necessary basis for a functioning customer-supplier relationship.

Our Ideal Image of Suppliers

Suppliers are important partners for Schreiner Group in order to meet customers' high demands. Therefore, we classify our suppliers into four levels, according to the Schreiner supplier pyramid.

Lively exchange: Schreiner Group's competent buyers attach great importance to a functioning customer-supplier relationship.

1. Preferred partners:
Very close partnership relationship with steady sales growth

2. Strategic supplier:
Supplier for important products with close cooperation

3. Serial supplier:
Suppliers for series parts

4. Basic supplier:
Potential supplier on the market

Full details of our requirements for suppliers can be found in our Suppliers Guide.

Certifications Count!

We measure the performance and quality capability of our suppliers in an annual assessment. We prefer suppliers that are IATF 16949 certified. The minimum requirement is DIN EN ISO 9001.

These certifications play a decisive role in Schreiner Group's selection of suppliers.

Focus On Sustainability‚ÄĒAlso in Supplier Selection

Schreiner Group is also committed to environmental protection and is certified according to ISO 14001, ISO45001 and EMAS. To promote sustainability, Schreiner Group gives preference to suppliers who are themselves certified or have committed themselves to sustainable action. We require our suppliers to focus on sustainable and ethical business practices. One instrument for this is our Code of Conduct. Comprehensive information on our pioneering role as a sustainable company can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Schreiner Group also attaches importance to sustainability when selecting suppliers.