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Multifunctional labels labels for pens and autoinjectors

Autoinjector-Label: Convenient and Safe Self-Injection

Pens and autoinjectors for self-medication are designed to make everyday life easier for patients and enable reliable use. Safety for the user is therefore the top priority in the development of self-injection systems. Schreiner MediPharm's multifunctional labeling solutions for injection devices support patient safety and user-friendliness.

The Pen- and Autoinjector-Labels are equipped with individually combinable functions and are tailored to the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers and the needs of users. Particularly innovative are injection systems that are equipped with NFC labels and thus become “smart devices” that interactively support patients during application.

The pharma label for pens and autoinjectors indicates whether the injection device has already been opened once.

From Analysis to Market Launch: We Are Your Development Partner

Schreiner MediPharm is a solutions partner in the best sense. The earlier we are involved in the product development process, the more focused we can address your specific requirements to design your customized Autoinjector-Label. An intelligent label design can not only fulfill various functionalities, it can also serve as a design element of the injection aid.

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Additional Functions that Can be Integrated for More Patient Safety

With the specialty labels for pens and autoinjectors, you can choose from a wide range of additional features and combine them individually and application-specific.

Temperature indicator

By means of a reversible color shift, the temperature indicator shows whether the defined room or cooling temperature has been reached. The desired temperature range can be selected variably.

Autoinjector-Label with temperature indication

NFC technology

An NFC chip can be integrated for interactive patient support. Via a smartphone, stored product information, demo videos and apps can be provided, therapy compliance documented or product authentication and digital first opening indication performed.

Autoinjector-Label with integrated NFC chip

Medication control/UV protection

If the pen has a viewing window for medication control, a double-layered, resealable label can protect the active ingredient against UV rays. A starter tab on the top label layer is used for easy opening.

A label above the viewing window of the autoinjector protects against UV rays.

Anti-slip varnish/tactile elements

A special varnish improves grip of the label surface. The tactile elements help to haptically distinguish similar autoinjectors containing different active ingredients.

Tactile elements in the label make the Autoinjector-Label easier to grip.

Anti-Recapping/Dust Protection

Undetected recapping after first opening is prevented by the special anti-recapping function, thus protecting the pen from illegal reuse. The label wraps around the autoinjector including the cap and thus provides additional protection against dust and dirt.

A first-opening label prevents the autoinjector from being resealed unnoticed.

Tamper and counterfeit protection

For clear first opening indication of the autoinjector, the label is equipped with a perforation. The authenticity of the pen can be verified via integrated security features such as holograms or other overt, covert and digital features.

The integrated perforation of the Autoinjector-Label is irreversibly destroyed during initial opening.
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NFC Label for UnoPen™: Smart Device Supports Patients

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Use Case

Label for Adrenaline Injector from TEVA

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