RFID Archive Label

RFID labels enable secure and permanent tracking of books and documents in archives or libraries and do not damage the material.

RFID-label on an old book

The RFID technology has become the standard in many libraries and archives around the world for securely managing the inventory electronically for decades. However, the requirements for the RFID labels used are fundamentally different for archives and libraries. Schreiner PrinTrust offers custom-fit RFID solutions for both areas of application. Commercially available RFID labels cannot be used for historical and other sensitive media in archives because they would irreversibly damage them. Our special archive labels, on the other hand, have been tested and confirmed by Fogra for archivability in accordance with DIN/ISO 9706 and are removable.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Archive suitability: according to DIN ISO 9706
  • Acid-free: Typical pH of the adhesive is between 7.4 and 8.4.
  • Removability: can be removed without leaving any residue even decades later
  • Durability: No battery necessary
  • Avoidance of manual handling in case of inventory due to contactless reading of chip information
  • Data retention: 50 years of data preservation on the chip
  • Individualization: Printing of the labels optionally possible
  • Personalisation: Can be re-labeled with common TTR printers

Our Solutions

For small sizes

The  RFID Archive Label Mini ensures optimal protection of valuable and historical objects. Residue-free removable and tested and confirmed for archivability according to DIN/ISO 9706. In addition to the RFID functionality, personalization with barcodes or 2D codes is possible.

Extra thin and flexible

Our RFID Archive Label Flex, adds minimal bulk and is DIN/ISO 9706 certified. In addition to the RFID functionality, personalization with barcodes or 2D codes is possible.


With Barcode

Version without RFID for personalization with barcodes or 2D codes, as gentle to the media as the RFID versions, and certified according to DIN/ISO 9706.


Strong Permanent Adhesive

The label is for use in libraries. Our high quality RFID book labels are self-adhesive and permanently strong adhesive.


System Competence: All From One Source

Special TTR printers are adjusted by us to the respective consumables and subjected to an extensive functional run before delivery. Optionally, it is also used for programming the RFID labels.

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