Product Overview

Pressure Compensation Seals

Pressure compensation seals consist of a waterproof and dust-proof but air-permeable membrane. This allows air exchange in enclosures and protects the electronics from liquid media and dirt.

Pressure Compensation Seals for Venting

Overpressure or underpressure caused by temperature fluctuations in summer and winter can deform electronic housings in automobiles and lead to leaks. Pressure compensation seals provide pressure compensation and protect housings and components in the automotive sector. They are gas-permeable and water-tight at the same time. 

The business unit Schreiner ProTech has been working with this proven technology for venting of housings since 1997. The membranes prevent pressure differences from occurring in a housing and thus increase the service life of electronic components.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Easy attachment by self-adhesive equipment or ultrasonic welding
  • High air flow rate for fast compensation of pressure differences
  • High water retention capacity
  • High flexibility in product design in terms of shape, size, material and adhesive
  • No change in housing geometry, due to mechanical fastening to the housing
  • Low overall height <0.5mm
  • Fabrication on roll for manual or automatic application 
  • Application-specific product validation
  • Project planning and implementation of processing and testing systems (from standard dispensing systems to complete manufacturing cells)


Our Product Solutions


The self-adhesive finish ensures easy handling and quick application without curing and drying times.  

Self-adhesive pressure compensation seals on housing

Ultrasonic weldable

Fastening by ultrasonic welding enables the diaphragm to withstand even the most difficult external conditions.  

Ultrasonic welded membrane for pressure compensation


The pressure compensation seals in the nameplate combines labeling and aeration in a single operation, thus saving process times. 

Pressure compensation element in nameplate on housing

Steam jet resistant

Despite minimal overall height, the steam jet resistant pressure compensation seals withstands the increased mechanical requirements and even steam jet cleaners.

Steam jet resistant pressure compensation seal
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Processing of Membrane Vents

The sensitive membrane structure of pressure compensation seals requires special care during application.

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Use Cases Automotive

Marking and Pressure Compensation

Pressure compensation seals in the nameplate protect and mark actuators produced by Küster Automotive.

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Safer Maneuvers

Radar lane change assistant instead of blind spot:
Pressure compensation seals protect the sensors' sensitive electronics.

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