Product Solutions

Service Provider, System Supplier and Retail

With our competencies in RFID and security printing, we are the ideal partner for individual RFID and security labels for service providers, system suppliers and retailers.

Innovative Product Solutions

We have developed a suitable portfolio of RFID and barcode solutions for system providers and service providers for inventory. Our special solutions are also suitable for demanding environments. Even sensitive documents can be marked gently and without destroying the material with our ISO 9607 certified RFID Archive Labels.

The business unit Schreiner PrinTrust is a certified provider of deposit solutions with DPG post-labels for retailers. For tamper protection of packaging, we have suitable closure seals in our program. Individual solutions in product and brand protection build on our range of security technologies .

For service providers and technical companies, we offer suitable calibration marks that document tested quality, e.g. when calibrating test equipment, gas and water meters.

Antiquarian book with archive label

RFID Archive Label

The RFID Archive Label is a ISO 9706 certified RFID Label for reliable application on sensitive books and documents.

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Roll with deposit label labels

DPG Deposit label

Schreiner PrinTrust is a certified security printer for DPG deposit labels and specifically for the DPG cover-label.

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Box with packing seal

Packaging Seals

The packaging seal irrevocably indicates tampering with the packaging. It is equipped with several security features and has been specially developed for use on cardboard boxes and plastic packaging. Once applied, the seal cannot be removed unnoticed.

Calibration Marks

Calibration marks document the verification of measuring instruments. In order to prevent undesirable peeling, the requirements for adhesive strength and duration as well as robustness against mechanical or chemical impairment must be reliably tested—depending on the respective application.

System Competence: All From One Source

Our range of services includes technology consulting, the preparation of feasibility studies as well as the manufacture of products with integrated transponders and qualified after-sales support. Integration into the customer's production is the focus.


Printer, Dispenser and Applicator Systems

Schreiner Group offers perfectly matched systems for processing and finishing the finished labels.

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