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Hanger Label Pharma-Tac

Specialty label with integrated hanger for infusion bottles

Pharma-Tac: Easy Suspension of Infusion Bottles

Hectic and time pressure determine the daily medical routine in hospitals, clinics and medical practices. Infusions have to be administered quickly, easily and safely in just a few steps. Schreiner MediPharm’s hanger label Pharma-Tac offers a particularly efficient combination of product marking and suspension device for infusion bottles: The stable and tear-resistant hanger is integrated into the identification label and is simply detached from it to suspend the bottle from any holding rack. We will be happy to advise you on the optimal solution for your application. This results in a customized hanger label that can be equipped with useful additional functions to support medical staff in their daily work.

Our Combination of Label and Hanger—Your Benefit

Benefits for pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • Processing on conventional dispensing equipment
  • No additional process steps in pharmaceutical production
  • Individual adaptation to different vial and bottle sizes
  • Additional integration of further functionalities for increased product and patient safety possible
The hanger label Pharma-Tac can be processed on conventional dispensing equipment.

Benefits for medical staff and patients

  • Easy and fast handling
  • Tear-resistant and reliable suspension of infusion bottles
  • No special suspension device for infusion bottles required
  • Reduced risk of germ transmission, as suspension is used only once
  • Efficient and safe administration of infusions
Hanger label with semi-transparent hanger

Customizable Through Various Additional Functions

The hanger label Pharma-Tac is customized according to the respective application and can be supplemented with integrated additional features that can also be combined with each other, such as detachable documentation labels, multi-page film layers or booklet labels with many pages. In addition, security features for product and counterfeit protection as well as RFID/NFC chips for interactive applications can be integrated.

Use Case

Specialty Combo for Clinical Trials: Pharma-Tac + Booklet-Label

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