General Industry: Our Solutions for This Market

Our high-tech marking solutions and self-adhesive film-based functional parts enable smart and secure solutions for the technical industry.

Industrial Marking Solutions and Self-Adhesive Film-Based Functional Parts

Manufacturers in the technical industry, such as in mechanical engineering or the electrical industry, are facing increasing challenges. Our self-adhesive film-based functional parts help to counter these: They are lightweight, flexible and thin. They save installation space, can be processed fully automatically and combine various functions, such as ventilation, tracking or tamper-evident protection, in one component.

Schreiner ProTech, as a strategic partner for general industry, offers solutions that save installation space and combine various functions, such as for venting.

Our Use Cases for General Industry

Durable marking

Label solution for laboratory

The requirements for laboratory equipment are high. Cramer Inc. is a specialist for special seating furniture - and relies on PolyScript labeling by Schreiner ProTech.

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Automated Data Acquisition

Siemens Uses Our RFID Labels

It is essential that each component can be clearly identified throughout its entire life cycle. In its automation projects, Siemens utilizes our RFID solution.

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Translucent Multi-Talent

Bonding With Backlighting Capability and Marking Rolled Into One

FINAT award-winning translucent Color Laser Film combines marking and bonding with customized backlighting.

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Nameplate-Integrated Membrane

Membrane vents for SICK Sensors

For the sensor housing of a driverless transport system, SICK AG uses the nameplate with an integrated membrane from Schreiner ProTech. It enables venting and marking rolled into one.

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Our Products—Your Advantage:

  • Industry 4.0 and IoT applications
  • Resource-optimized manufacturing and logistics process
  • The reduced use and recycling of resources

Our film-based solutions are lightweight, flexible and thin. They save installation space, can be processed fully automatically and combine various functions, such as protection against environmental influences, in one component.

Selected Product Solutions

Venting of Housings

Membrane Venting

Pressure compensation seals, with their air-permeable membranes with oleophobic properties, enable pressure compensation in housings.

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Protective Films

Protection From External Influences

Protective films protect surfaces and components in the technical industry from environmental influences.

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Complete Recording

The Seamless Recording of Components

Hybrid labels with RFID and NFC can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions and even work on metal.

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Economic success, ecological responsibility and social commitment are the triad of sustainability. With our innovations, we are making a significant contribution to this: We proactively develop products and solutions that create economic, ecological and social added value in the future, thus helping companies meet their responsibility for people, the environment and society. How can we support you in achieving your sustainability goals?


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