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Security Labels

Specialty labels for a secure supply chain—with first opening indication, tamper evidence, counterfeit protection, identification and tracking.

No Chance for Criminals: Security Labels for Drug Safety

Counterfeit drugs have been a growing threat and global challenge to the pharmaceutical industry for years, meanwhile affecting not only developing countries and emerging markets. There is also a growing risk of gray market activities and illegal reuse of original containers. Accordingly, there are increasing regulations that require solutions for product and brand protection as well as supply chain tracking.

With Schreiner MediPharm's customized security solutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers protect their drugs and support the integrity and security of their supply chain. Depending on the threat scenario, an individual security concept is developed for the respective packaging type, whether folding cartons or primary containers such as syringes and vials.

In all solution concepts, various security features can be combined with each other and further functions can be added. In doing so, we keep in mind the relevant stakeholders along the supply chain, from the informed expert to the end user. This results in effective, multi-level security solutions for

Threat scenarios can be managed with tamper evidence, anti-counterfeiting and identification solutions by determining the integrity, authenticity and origin of a drug.

Our Consulting Expertise—Your Benefit

Schreiner MediPharm provides support in all phases of the development of a safety solution for drug protection.

As a strategic partner, we provide you with comprehensive advice. We accompany you from the analysis and concept phase to the successful implementation of your individual security solution.

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Security Labels

Tamper Evidence

Labels for first opening indication of folding boxes and primary containers

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Security Labels

Counterfeit Protection

Labels with authenticity features for product authentication

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Security Labels

Identification and Tracking

Labels with Track & Trace solutions for digital identification

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