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Schreiner Group
Corporate Communications
Susanne Höppner
Bruckmannring 22
85764 Oberschleissheim

Aerial View Headquarters Oberschleissheim
Schreiner Group has its headquarters in Oberschleissheim near Munich where the family-owned company produces innovative high-tech labels and functional components in its six buildings

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Headquarters Oberschleissheim
Schreiner Group is an international high-tech company based in Oberschleissheim near Munich

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High-Tech Manufacturing
On its state-of-the-art machinery Schreiner Group produces functional parts, smart labels, and other high-tech labels according to customer-specific requirements.

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Modern Production
Innovative functional parts and smart high-tech labels: Schreiner Group’s machinery enables the use of conventional printing technologies and more.

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Media Technologist
Schreiner Group employs more than 1,200 people producing over 2.5 billion high-tech labels and functional parts per year.

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Needle-Trap Against Needlestick Injuries
The Needle-Trap needle protection label features a unique design: The plastic needle trap is an integral component of the label for prefilled syringes and serves to secure the needle after the injection.

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CEO Roland Schreiner
Under the motto “Continuity and New Departures,” Roland Schreiner assumed the role of Schreiner Group’s sole CEO in fall of 2012.

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Roland Schreiner Portrait
Since September 2012 Roland Schreiner has been President and CEO of Schreiner Group.

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Pressure Compensation Seal
Pressure compensation seals are watertight, breathable membrane elements. Similar to a valve, they serve to ventilate electronic housings. The membrane ensures effective pressure compensation while preventing water or dirt from entering the housing.

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Fine Dust Pollution Sticker
Schreiner Group’s fine-dust sticker is found in every third vehicle providing counterfeit- and tamper-proof documentation of the vehicle’s particulate emissions class.

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