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High-Tech and Functional Labels for Medical Technology

Specialty labels and smart labels with RFID and NFC technology for medical devices

Patient-Safe Medication and Optimized Processes with Specialty Labels and RFID/NFC Labels

Insulin set medical technology

Increasing digitization makes mobile applications and eHealth more and more important. With the growing trend toward self-medication, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers are focusing more on the informed patient: The demand for simple, convenient and safe medication administration is increasing, while at the same time the usage behavior of patients is changing. Process optimization in the hospital and healthcare sector also plays an important role.

With our multifunctional specialty labels and labels with integrated NFC/RFID technology Schreiner MediPharm offers the medical technology industry customized and application-specific solutions for

  • Connectivity
  • Interaction between patient/device, patient/pharmaceutical manufacturer, and product or consumable/device
  • Intralogistic processes and supply chain management
  • Patient safety and user comfort

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Multifunctional labels for pens and autoinjectors

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Product Solution

Smart Labels

RFID and NFC labels for medical technology and healthcare applications

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