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Embark on a journey through 70 years of Schreiner Group: Find out how we have developed from a handicraft business for embossed seal labels to a high-tech company for innovative labels and functional parts.

Year 1951

Company Foundation

Margarete and Theodor Schreiner found the company “M. Schreiner – Spezialfabrik für geprägte Siegelmarken und Etiketten” in a 45m² garage in the Laim district of Munich. Thus, after the Second World War, they dare to take the leap into independence.

The first Schreiner Group logo
Margarete and Theodor Schreiner founded the company in 1951 under the name: “M. Schreiner – Spezialfabrik für geprägte Siegelmarken und Etiketten”
Year 1961

Innovation—First Self-Adhesive Labels

Schreiner introduces self-adhesive technology, develops its first own self-adhesive label and renames itself “Etiketten-Schreiner”. A move to a larger building in the Fasanerie district in the north of Munich becomes necessary.

in 1961, Schreiner Group produced the first self-adhesive labels
Name change to “Etiketten-Schreiner”
Year 1974 and 1976

25 years “Labels Schreiner” and Generational Change

The son Helmut Schreiner takes over the company in 1974. The annual turnover reaches DM 2.5 million. Within two years, sales double to DM 4.6 million, necessitating another move to Waldvögeleinstraße in the north of Munich.

36 employees celebrate the company's 25th anniversary in 1976. The company is now called “Schreiner Etiketten- und Selbstklebetechnik”.

Year 1984 and 1987

Expansion of Operations at the Former Location

Innovations play an important role in the 1980s: The company has been adding additional functions to labels since 1984, thus offering its customers a high level of added value. This approach is continuously expanded in the following decades.

The company building in Waldvögeleinstraße in the north of Munich is expanded in 1987 and an additional floor is added.

Year 1993

Move to Oberschleissheim

In 1993, the company and its 160 employees move to Bruckmannring in Oberschleissheim near Munich, where the company is now headquartered.

Aerial view of Schreiner Group from 1993
the company moves to Oberschleißheim in 1993
Year 2002 and 2003

Schreiner Group is Growing

The second building is being constructed on Bruckmannring. The company takes on its current name and establishes the Schreiner ProTech, Schreiner MediPharm, Schreiner ProSecure, Schreiner LogiData, Schreiner VarioLight and Schreiner Label and Self-Adhesive Technology divisions.

At the time of construction of the third building on Bruckmannring in Oberschleissheim, the company had 460 employees and achieved annual sales of 67.1 million euros.

the company premises of Schreiner Group in 2002
The company premises at the turn of the millennium
2002 a new building is erected at the Oberschleißheim site
New building at Bruckmannring 2002
Ceremonial opening of another company building
Ceremonial opening of building III
Year 2008

USA: Production Opening in New York

With the establishment of Schreiner MediPharm LP in Blauvelt (NY), USA, and the opening of the production site there, the requirements of American pharmaceutical customers are implemented.

Opening ceremony of the site in Blauvelt, NY, USA
2008: new production site in the USA

Change to the 3rd Generation

After 38 years of management, Helmut Schreiner hands over the reins of the company to his son Roland Schreiner and joins the Advisory Board. Building V is being constructed at the headquarters in Oberschleissheim.

Change to the 3rd generation: Roland Schreiner takes over the management
Roland Schreiner and his father Helmut Schreiner

“Grand Opening” of the Chinese Site

Under the motto “Inspired by Tradition—Built for Innovation”, Schreiner Group opened a production site in China in 2016. The start of its own production in Shanghai is another milestone in Schreiner Group's internationalization strategy. 

Another site to be opened in China in 2015
Opening ceremony of the site in Fengpu, China

2016 “Green Building”: Sixth Building at Headquarters

The growth-oriented family business is constantly developing and needs more space accordingly. Building VI at the headquarters in Oberschleissheim will be designed and built as a CO2-neutral “Green Building” in 2016. In general, Schreiner Group, as a pioneer in the industry, is increasingly focusing on renewable energies in building technology and, as a sustainable company, hosts several bee colonies on its premises. 

Production Opening in Dorfen

With the opening of a second production site in the Munich metropolitan region, Schreiner Group is responding to its continuous growth. A significant proportion of labels for the pharmaceutical industry are handled at the Dorfen plant, which covers an area of just under 5,000m². 

2019: a new production site is opened in Dorfen
the production hall at the Dorfen site
Ceremonial opening of the production site in Dorfen
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Relocation of the Chinese Production Site

The production site in Shanghai, which was launched in 2016, is becoming too small due to the company's growth. The new site, which is also located in the Shanghai metropolitan area, offers more than twice as much operating space. In addition to Schreiner ProTech, Schreiner MediPharm will also produce directly in China in the future.

Schreiner Group’s new state-of-the-art site in Jinshan, China
The move of the entire printing and finishing department.
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