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Drug Protection Labels for Sensitive APIs

Specialty Labels for UV and light protection, cryogenic labels and labels with gas barrier function

Reliable protection of sensitive substances: Customized functional labels

Novel therapies based on mRNA substances as well as cell and gene therapies are becoming more and more important. However, these substances are particularly sensitive. They have to be stored and transported at extremely low temperatures.

In addition, many active ingredients must be protected against light. Drugs based on large and complex molecules, such as biologics and biosimilars, are sensitive to oxygen and require an additional barrier function, especially in case of COC containers.

Light protection labels for light-sensitive medicines


For light-sensitive drugs in transparent containers, Schreiner MediPharm offers special label solutions enabling a multi-level protection against UV radiation and light. Each label design is customized to suit the particular container and meet the API’s specific light protection requirements. Thanks to an integrated re-closable inspection window, the vial content can be checked in true color.

Freeze-Light-Protect Labels

For sensitive substances that are stored and transported at low sub-zero temperatures, Schreiner MediPharm developed deep-freeze labels that reliably adhere to COC syringes. In addition, the labels can be equipped with a variety of UV and light protection levels. Moreover, additional functionalities can be integrated into the Freeze-Light-Protect labels such as documentation labels, inspection windows for checking the syringe content and a graduation.

Freeze Light Protect deep-freeze labels protect sensitive active ingredients even at sub-zero temperatures
Labels with a gas barrier function can significantly reduce oxygen diffusion in COC syringes

Labels with Gas Barrier Function

Functional Labels with gas barrier from Schreiner MediPharm can significantly reduce oxygen diffusion in COC syringes due to their special material selection and design. Two variants are available: a Gas-Protect-Label covering the syringe barrel and a Syringe-Closure-Wrap label with an additional barrier function that wraps around the syringe barrel and the cap and is sealed at the upper end. Syringe-Closure-Wrap additionally offers an integrated first-opening indication.

Use Case

Effectively shielded API: Light protection labels for Micafungin

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