Security Technologies

Tamper Evidence

Void films, fiber tear adhesives, security die-cuts, cut-through indicators, rub-off areas and transfer effects irrevocably indicate the initial opening or tampering of a package or the tampering of a document.

Advantages of Tamper Evidence

  • Reliable indication of an initial opening
  • Customized design
  • High process reliability in processing and dispensing
  • Also possible for cryogenic and deep-freeze applications
  • Effects are partially combinable with each other

Possibilities for Tamper Evidence

Fiber-tear adhesives

Strongly adhesive fiber tearing adhesives ensure that a seal cannot be removed without generating a fiber tear.

Label on folding box comes off with fiber tear
For reliable generation of a fiber tear, the adhesive is matched to the material of the folding box.

Security die-cuts

Security die-cuts in the material lead to the destruction of the label if an attempt is made to detach it from the substrate, thus irrevocably indicating tampering. If the label is removed, the label breaks into many small pieces. Reuse is thus ruled out.

Label is destroyed by safety punching when peeling off
Labels with security die-cuts are destroyed when tampering is attempted.
Label with safety punching
Security die-cuts can be combined with other anti-counterfeiting features.
Housing seal with safety punchings
Security die-cuts are possible for a wide variety of applications, such as case seals.

Scratch surfaces

Scratch layers have proven themselves millions of times over in secret number mailing. A PIN code for access to confidential data, accounts or as proof of authentication thus reaches the end user reliably protected.

Opaque scratch-off area for PIN codes
The opaque scratch-off surface makes it impossible to spy out PIN codes.
Rubbing surface for official application
Whether in letters or government applications, scratch-off surfaces help protect confidential data with absolute security.
Scratch area PIN code scratched free
With scratch-off surfaces, confidential data can be reliably protected and tampering is clearly detectable.

Transfer effects

Transfer effects result from a unique product design that offers the highest possible tamper protection: If the protective film is removed after bonding, only the adhesive and ink remain on the substrate. When trying to lift or detach, the imprint breaks into many small pieces.

Transfer effect detach seal
Due to transfer effects, adhesive and ink remain on the substrate when the label is attempted to be removed.
Transfer effect as tamper evidence for regulatory applications
Transfer effects are excellent as tamper evidence for regulatory applications.