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Labels for Logistics

Multifunctional RFID labels for a wide variety of containers optimize and simplify processes in logistics.

RFID is increasingly gaining acceptance as a basic technology for Track & Trace over the course of the last few years. All areas in logistics are taking advantage of the additional benefits that RFID can offer. However, the ever broader fields of application also bring with them ever new requirements for the data carriers. 


#1 Internal Logistics, Assembly, and Production

RFID labels enable efficient and easy intralogistics. Reordering is automated as needed and handled by an electronic Kanban system enabling continuous inventory monitoring in assembly and production operations.

#2 External Logistics and Transportation

RFID solutions offer the opportunity of end-to-end tracking of shipments. Data acquisition of inbound and outbound goods is automated for higher transparency in the supply chain.

#3 Warehouse

The utilization of RFID can simplify the entire management process of transport items enabling end-to-end inventory management, fast picking processes, as well as efficient and automated posting of inbound and outbound goods.

Are you considering using RFID in your company and would like to know how your processes can be optimally combined with RFID technology or what advantages it offers? We will be glad to help you. Schreiner PrinTrust is your partner.

Marking of Containers With Plastic Surfaces

The RFID-Label (UHF) is ideal for application to plastic surfaces of all kinds.

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Marking of Mesh Boxes and Metal Containers

The RFID-DistaFerr SL2 label enables reading results with a high range on metallic substrates.

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Tamper Protection for Packages

The packaging seal irrevocably indicates tampering with the packaging. It is equipped with several security features and has been specially developed for use on cardboard boxes and plastic packaging. Once applied, the seal cannot be removed unnoticed.

System Competence: All from one Source

Our range of services includes technology consulting, the preparation of feasibility studies as well as the manufacture of products with integrated transponders and qualified after-sales support. Whether printers, dispensing systems, scanners, test equipment or software: The focus is on integration into the customer's production.

Use Case

Use Case

Intelligent IOT Reusable Container

We use RFID technology to support the returnable container logistics of our partner RECALO GmbH.

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