Product Solution

Paint Mask Labels

The film solution provides reliable protection of component markings throughout the painting process.

To ensure smooth production, components in industry must always be clearly marked. Often, the marked components later go through a painting or washing process. Paint mask labels ensure that the labeling nevertheless remains legible and undamaged. The precisely fitting labels are applied to the area to be protected. The temporary protective laminate can be easily removed again after the painting process with the help of a grip tab.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Residue-free removable protective film 
  • Easy handling due to grip tab
  • Integration into existing process lines
  • System solution for application

Our Solutions

The paint mask can also be used to cover laser-markable films.

Laser Film with Integrated Paint Mask

The paint mask can also be used to cover laser-markable films. In this case, the inscription is made through the paint mask.


Paint mask labels for machine or manual application

Paint Mask for Machine or Manual Application

The paint mask film covers the marking and, thanks to the combination with a laminate, offers permanent protection against mechanical damage for long-lasting legibility.

Suitable for the Following Painting Processes

Powder Coating

Paint mask labels suitable for powder coating
  • High electrical voltage
  • Usually 2 passes (primer and color varnish)
  • Partial further passes (application of additional layers of paint)

Spray Painting

Paint mask labels suitable for spray painting
  • Painting via spray systems 
  • Usually 2–3 passes (primer, color varnish and further color varnish/protective varnish)

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