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Cards and Payment

Customized, certified security labels and special solutions for the payment card industry.

Secure Protection for PINs and Confidential Information

We support you when it comes to protecting PINs and confidential information. Our portfolio of PIN covers ranges from the most secure solution on the market for PIN protection on documents and mailings, PIN Safe, to simpler opaque scratch-off labels used on cards. 

Customized solutions from Schreiner PrinTrust secure confidential information and protect against tampering. 

Your Challenges

Letter with PIN cover and thumb with coin.

PIN Mailers

PIN Safe: Customized security for PIN mailers.

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Electronic housing with housing seal

Housing Seals

BSI-certified tamper protection for electronic device enclosures.

Tamper Protection for Payment Terminals

Do you want to secure your payment terminals? No problem with our BSI-certified housing seals, which reliably indicate any tampering with the terminal. We also support you with individual tamper protection solutions for terminals with our security technologies and printed conductive structures.

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PIN scratch labels on carrier

Coupon Cards/Codes on Cards

PIN Scratch: Customized, opaque scratch-off labels for codes on cards, e.g. for vouchers.

Tamper protection labels with inscription: Please scratch here

Tamper Protection

PIN Void: Irrevocable indication of opening or tampering attempts.


More About Our Security Technologies

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