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Industrial Labels

Our industrial labels offer customized marking solutions that ensure clear and permanent identification of components in any environment - ideal for the automotive industry and other demanding applications.

Precise Labeling

During the product life cycle of components and products, clear identification of the components is necessary from creation to disposal. This enables process structures, meets legal requirements and ensures traceability. In the process, different and sometimes challenging environmental conditions affect the markings.

The industrial labels from the business unit Schreiner ProTech ensure reliable and customized labeling: Whether single or multiple compound, colorful or monochrome, pre-printed, post-printed or variably printed—the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Comprehensive material selection for your specific labeling requirements for industrial labels
  • Fast and precise realization of your individual industrial labels, including complex print images
  • Wide range of materials for accurate recommendations
  • Product validation in our own laboratory
  • Project planning and implementation of printing and dispensing systems
  • Wide variety of counterfeiting features and originality protection
  • Additional functions can be integrated (e.g. RFID or paint mask)

Our Solutions

High pressure cleaner resistant industrial labels

Our pressure cleaner resistant industrial labels offer a rewritable nameplate that has been specially developed to withstand UV radiation, chemicals and the high pressure of pressure cleaners. These robust labels ensure permanently clear and legible identification of your components.

Label for permanent marking on reusable transport containers and plastic surfaces

Identification labels for cables

Our specialty cable identification labels, including cord tags and wrap-arounds, are ideal for permanent and clear marking of cables. Designed for demanding environments, these labels offer a reliable solution.

Identification labels for cables

Folding laminate, protective laminate

The folding laminate label is used when no laminating equipment is available.

The folding laminate label to replace a laminating device

Industrial labels for the engine compartment

Our industrial labels for the engine compartment are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures, oil, dust and vibrations. These labels are specially designed for use in harsh conditions to ensure long-lasting labeling.

Marking solutions in the engine compartment

High-voltage marking labels

Our High-voltage marking labels are crucial for safety in areas with high voltage. These warning labels are designed to remain permanently visible and legible.

The warning signs protect against accidents with high voltage

Laser markable films for industrial labels

Laser marking of the CLF nameplate is emission-free and contactless underneath the transparent protective laminate. This technology ensures scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant labeling, ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Schreiner ProTech's Color Laser Foil is particularly durable and the marking process is emission-free.
Application systems for protective films on display and control elements

Complete Systems

All from one source

  • Printing, dispensing, functional testing and custom solutions
  • Customized, coordinated overall systems
  • Only one contact for system and consumables
  • Smooth integration into existing processes
  • Competent service and fast problem solving by our own service staff

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