Environmental and Climate Protection

Our Successful Approach Around Ecology

Environmental and climate protection play an important role for us—we successfully take responsibility for protecting the environment. CO2- and solvent reduction, waste recycling, photovoltaics, geothermal energy and green building: Find out what we are doing concretely for the environment and climate protection.

Sustainability determines the way Schreiner Group thinks and acts. We do not focus on short-term goals, but see our daily activities, cooperation with customers and employees as long-term. In addition to securing jobs for all employees, Schreiner Group's sustainable business activities equally include responsible concern for the environment. As ambassadors and pioneers for environmental protection, the careful and economical use of resources is important to us.

Dr. Thomas Gulden is Schreiner Group's Environmental Officer
Our Sustainability Officer

Dr. Thomas Gulden, Sustainability Officer and Head of Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety, is responsible for this area. In addition, there are, among other things, a technical environmental officer, occupational safety specialists, safety officers, a laser protection officer, a fire protection officer, over 70 fire protection assistants, approx. 150 first aiders and a company doctor.

Sustainability Lived: Best Practice Examples

CO2 reduction

We have reduced our EMAS COemissions by more than 70 percent since 2012, despite strong sales growth. Our COreduction programs focus on generating renewable energy, reducing energy consumption, purchasing green electricity, increasing material efficiency and manufacturing sustainable products.

Since 2013, Schreiner Group has reduced CO2 emissions by 65 percent despite strong sales growth.

Solvent reduction

In terms of gross value added, solvent emissions in production have been reduced by 53 percent since 2007, in particular due to the commissioning of new cleaning systems that use solvent-free or low-solvent cleaning agents.

Schreiner Group has reduced solvent emissions by 37 percent since 2008.

Waste recycling

We use an intelligent waste separation system to ensure almost 100 percent recycling of the more than 40 waste fractions. The recycling rate in 2022 was 12 percent. Our recycling rate is 97 percent.

Waste recycling: Schreiner Group's recycling rate is 97 percent.


The installation of two photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of over 400 Kilowatt-peak on the roofs of the parking garages will save 200 tons of COemissions per year.

Renewable energies: Photovoltaic systems are located on the roofs of Schreiner Group parking garages.

Geothermal energy

To achieve its ambitious climate neutrality goal while minimizing its dependency on gas, Schreiner Group in an area of approximately 300 square meters has erected a building that houses four large heat pumps for generating energy from groundwater. As a result, the utilization of groundwater for heat generation and cooling increases significantly. Due to this capital expenditure, Schreiner Group’s dependency on gas is expected to decrease by approximately 90 percent starting as early as in the second quarter of 2023.

Schreiner Group heats several buildings with geothermal energy.

Green building

Designed and built with sustainability in mind, our sixth headquarters building is 100 percent carbon neutral. In addition to its exemplary climate footprint, the office complex built in 2017 combines important elements for health- and climate-conscious working.

The sixth building at Schreiner Group's headquarters is designed as a green building.

Our Green Building in Figures

Percent less energy
New office workstations
Percent less air change due to ionized air


To intensify the promotion of electric mobility, a total of 31 charging stations for electric vehicles – company cars, employee and visitor cars – has been installed since 2020. We are constantly expanding the charging station infrastructure.

More than a quarter of all cars in our fleet are already hybrid or electric vehicles. The purchase of these vehicles was partially subsidized by the European Union.

Schreiner Group has installed nine charging stations for electric vehicles in 2020.

Beehives at headquarters

Since 2015, Schreiner Group has actively supported the conservation of honey bees: At that time, ten bee colonies found their home on the company premises in Oberschleissheim.

Since 2015, Schreiner Group has actively supported the preservation of honey bees.

Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Targets 2024

The Hoopoe, Bird of the Year 2022
Sea Pink, Flower of the Year 2024

Our environmental and occupational health and safety program is summarized annually in four top goals, which are pursued through measures behind them. For 2024 these are:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 55% through reducing energy consumption electricity & gas by 10%, the use of renewable energy and the manufacture of sustainable products
  • Reduction of solvent consumption by 5% by using solvent-free paint systems and solvent reduction in cleaning activities
  • Improvement of workplace ergonomics by 5% through workplace analyses by company physicians and health-oriented work design
  • Target value of the accident rate: < 0.90% by minimizing hazards and raising occupational safety awareness