Government Security: Our Solutions for this Market

Our functional labels and authentication solutions enable trust in and security for government agency processes.

Security that Generates Trust

Digitalization is the most important development in this day and age–also in government settings and services. As a result, security is becoming more important than ever before. Authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality are hallmarks of security-related processes. This is what we achieve with our products: A PIN code must reach the recipient without having been opened or tampered with, a vehicle must have a unique and verifiable identity, a card reader must have secure data transmission capability. Our labels and functional parts enable all this, merging physical and digital security. This is how trust is created. 

Schreiner PrinTrust as a strategic partner for the Government Security sector offers tailored RFID and security labels for identification, for proof of authenticity, and for tamper protection.

Use Cases for the Government Security Sector

Third License Plate

Reliable Identification Using RFID

Metallic license plates are easy to steal and exchange. An additional RFID security label containing full vehicle information provides a vehicle with a clear, reliable identity. It is applied to the inside of the windshield.

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Swiss Vignette

Security Printing Made in Germany

The Swiss vignette is an important element in financing the national roads. Since 2022 FO-Security as the general contractor together with Schreiner Group as the print producer has been performing the responsible task of this security printing project.

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Vienna Parking Permit Sticker

Successful Proof of Parking Permission Using RFID

The electronic parking permit sticker has been available in Vienna since 2015. It has to be applied to the windshield just once and can subsequently be read in a contactless process using RFID. A successful project that has been rolled out to the whole city since March 2022.

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Our Products—Your Benefits:

  • Appreciation of problems relating to authentication use cases
  • Powerful product portfolio
  • Certified security
  • Know-how in key technologies such as RFID, security technologies, and customization options
  • Powerful partner network
Selected Product Solutions
RFID Solutions

Secure Vehicle Registration

The RFID-3rd License Plate is a security label for marking and identifying vehicles.

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Security Label

PIN Protection

The PIN Safe high-security label protects PINs against tampering and reading while being mailed to recipients.

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Adhesive plates for small motor bikes offer numerous benefits.
Adhesive Plates

Simple and Flexible

The adhesive plate is used as an insurance plate for small motor bikes such as mopeds and electric scooters.

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