Security Technologies

Covert Counterfeit Protection

Covert features for proof of authentication, such as LaserSecure, only become visible with the aid of tools.

Advantages of Covert Counterfeit Protection

  • Highest protection against counterfeiting, since technologies are generally not freely available on the market.
  • Highest counterfeiting hurdle, as technologies are usually extremely complex to manufacture and virtually impossible to imitate/counterfeit.
  • Presence of features on labels and originality can usually only be checked by specialists using special technical tools.
  • Selected technologies meet forensic requirements and can be used in court.
  • Label design can remain unchanged as the counterfeit protection is integrated invisibly.

Professional anti-counterfeiting strategies combine different technologies (open, semi-covert, covert) for best possible security and verification by different audiences.


LaserSecure is a covert security feature with high counterfeit protection. Special pigments are incorporated into printing varnishes and inks and printed on labels. With the aid of a suitable reader, marked products can thus be reliably inspected in a repeatable and non-destructive manner.


  • Covert counterfeit protection
  • No change of label design required
  • Reliable and fast identification by means of a reader
  • Clear visual and acoustic signal to distinguish original from counterfeit
  • Can be combined with other security features
  • High counterfeit protection
LED reader for LaserSecure safety feature
The LED reader can check the presence of the security feature.
Hidden anti-counterfeiting feature LaserSecure
LaserSecure is a covert anti-counterfeiting feature that can be authenticated with the LED reader.