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Protective Films

In order to protect surfaces and components in the technical industry from external influences temporarily or over the entire product life cycle, we offer a variety of precisely fitting protective films.

Particularly Consistent over the Entire Product Life Cycle

Dust, dirt, oil, chemicals and corrosion: Components in the technical industry are under the permanent influence of external factors. Sensitive components must be adequately protected from production, through assembly, to the end application. The Schreiner ProTech film solutions ensure that quality and function are maintained throughout the entire product life cycle.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Efficient handling
  • Time and cost savings through automated machine processing
  • Geometries matched to the application and the substrate
  • Residue-free removability 
  • Variants that avoid electrostatic discharge during stripping
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective protection

Fields of Application of Protective Films in the Technical Industry

Protection of component openings

Protection of Component Openings

If liquids, chemicals or dirt enter component openings or housings, the components may be damaged or even rendered unusable. With our film solutions we prevent this.


Film-Based Solution as Housing Closure

Component housings made of plastic are usually closed with injection moulded covers. Film-Based Solutions, on the other hand, reduce complexity and weight and save costs and installation space.

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Protective films for electrical components

Protection of Electrical Components

We offer special film solutions for electrical components that, for example, reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD), serve as EMI shielding or provide protection against charge transfer.

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Protection of Surfaces and Displays

Permanently adhesive or residue-free removable films for covering surfaces protect against scratches, injuries caused by impacts and contamination by dust particles.

Additional Features to Increase Efficiency

  • Additional printing with warning, processing and recycling information
  • Grip tab for simplified removal of the film 
  • Assembly aid for complex components with multiple openings on a common carrier
  • Segmentation for the protection of the still unprocessed openings
Application systems for protective films on display and control elements

Complete Systems

  • Printing, dispensing, functional testing and custom solutions
  • Customized, coordinated overall systems
  • Only one contact for system and consumables
  • Smooth integration into existing processes
  • Competent service and fast problem solving by our own service staff

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