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Digital Identification and Tracking

Security labels with RFID/NFC technology and integrated track & trace system solutions.

Threat Scenario: Diversion, Re-Import and Replacement of Drugs

Counterfeiting, diversion and gray market trade are an increasing threat to pharmaceutical manufacturers. With intelligent Track & Trace systems, a product can be clearly identified anywhere in the world with regard to its authenticity, origin as well as place of origin and destination – by manufacturers, stakeholders in the supply chain, medical professionals, and users. Various digital technologies are used for the unique identification and traceability of drugs, which Schreiner MediPharm integrates into customized pharmaceutical labels.

Seals for folding cartons equipped with the KeySecure digital security feature can be checked for authenticity using a smartphone.
Syringe labels equipped with the KeySecure digital security feature can be checked for authenticity using a smartphone.

With our modular tracing system KeySecure, a drug can be traced anywhere and at any time. For this purpose, it receives a 15-digit alphanumeric security code as a unique identifier – a fingerprint, so to speak. The text number code is printed as a clear text number, barcode or integrated into a 2D data matrix or even NFC chip. To uniquely identify the product, the code can be checked on the internet, with a smartphone or via a hotline. The confirmation takes place in real time. In this way, a drug can be verified at each distribution stage.

Contactless Identification and Online Authentication

Thanks to the key-lock principle, the insulin pump uses the RFID-label to recognize whether the vial is an original medication.
The integrated NFC chip on the autoinjector is read and identified with a smartphone.

Thanks to many years of expertise, Schreiner MediPharm can integrate an RFID chip into any label for contactless identification and authentication of a drug or device. For example, according to the lock-and-key principle: It prevents the use of wrong, expired or counterfeit medications. NFC inlays are particularly flexible, thin and visually inconspicuous. These are particularly suitable for round drug containers such as syringes, vials or autoinjectors. Even an end user with an NFC-enabled smartphone can easily check whether it is an original drug.

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