Product Solution

Counterfeit Protection and Proof of Authenticity

Multifunctional tailor-made security labels for effective product and brand protection and clear authenticity verification.

Threat Scenario: Counterfeit Drugs

The number of illegal drug incidents reported worldwide is increasing by an average of 21 percent annually. All regions of the world and all therapeutic areas are affected. Changing consumer behavior, with increased use of the internet and social media, is playing an increasingly important role. To effectively combat product and brand piracy, user-friendly and secure solutions are needed to authenticate original products. Effective detection of counterfeits is possible with the help of unique, ideally multi-level authenticity features which Schreiner MediPharm integrates into pharmaceutical labels according to the specific application. 

Our Portfolio of Authentication Features – Your Individual Security Solution

Overt counterfeit protection features

Authentication features that can be verified without tools. Example: Guilloches

Guilloche open authentication feature

Semi-covert counterfeit protection features

Authentication features that require simple and readily available readers for verification. Example: Microtexts.

Semi-hidden authentication feature microtext

Covert counterfeit protection features

Authentication features that require special readers for verification. Example: Microparticles.

Hidden authentication feature microparticles

Digital counterfeit protection features

Authentication features that can be checked via smartphone. Example: NFC/RFID solutions

Digital authentication feature NFC/RFID
The label on the syringe contains multiple, combined, multi-level authenticity features.
A smartphone is used to read a digital authenticity feature on a vial.

Combined Counterfeit Protection Features for Maximum Pharma Security

The Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU has been in force throughout Europe since February 9, 2019. It obliges pharmaceutical manufacturers to apply an individual serial number as a 2D code to the outer packaging of prescription drugs for identification purposes, as well as proof of tampering, which ensures the integrity of the packaging. However, a secure counterfeiting proof is not guaranteed only by means of a serialization number.

We therefore recommend the integration of additional multi-level authenticity features that can be combined and verified unequivocally depending on the respective stakeholder and security level – from the informed expert to the end user. The more security features are combined in a label and address different user groups, the higher the protection of a drug.

What is Your Threat Scenario and Specific Requirement?

The optimal security strategy, the ideal security concept and the most appropriate security level – from normal to high – is selected based on a variety of criteria including

  • Threat scenario
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Drug to be protected
  • Region

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