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Sustainable Labels for the Healthcare Industry

Forest fires, flooding, and other extreme weather phenomena dramatically highlight the importance of rigorous environmental thinking in the spirit of the Paris Climate Agreement. Sustainability is a topic of growing importance in the pharmaceutical industry as well. Therefore, many pharmaceutical companies have defined respective standards and goals underscoring their responsibility for people, the environment and society. They focus on the entire supply chain in this context in order to enhance the sustainability of products and processes.

With its solutions for the healthcare industry, Schreiner MediPharm, a business unit of Schreiner Group, makes a major contribution to sustainability while pursuing the goal of proactively developing innovative labels that additionally assist pharmaceutical manufacturers in implementing their sustainability targets.

Our Expertise

At Schreiner MediPharm, holistic sustainability starts as early as in the product development stage. For our sustainable label solutions we focus on three main aspects: label materials made of recycled or renewable raw materials, sorted recycling/disassembling, and reduction of CO2 emissions. The raw materials of the labels are sourced only from selected suppliers. Based on extensive testing and qualified materials, Schreiner MediPharm develops customized solutions that take into account the product lifecycle and support a sustainable supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry.

Integrated Sustainability

By defining sustainability criteria, Schreiner Group has set a benchmark for its sustainable labels. If a product meets at least one of the three criteria, it may bear the “Integrated Sustainability” logo. Thus, our sustainable labels can be recognized at first glance.

The Integrated Sustainability logo marks Schreiner Group's sustainable labels.

EcoVadis: Gold Rating for Sustainability

EcoVadis recognizes Schreiner Group's long-standing commitment to sustainability 2023 with a Gold rating. The most important service provider for sustainability ratings even lists us among the top four percent of all companies. The rating shows how well a company has integrated the principles of sustainability into its business and management system.

Ecovadis Rating Gold 2023 for Schreiner Group
Selected Solutions

Sustainable Closure Seal

The sustainable multi-tear sealing solution for pharma packaging provides enhanced tamper evidence due to a combined film- and fiber-tear effect. It is made of up to 90% recycled film for reduced CO2 emission and highly transparent. The sustainable solution is customizable for a wide range of cardboard box surfaces and provides a reliable performance that is comparable to standard film materials. In addition, it complies with EU regulations and normative standards.

Sustainable Closure Seal: multi-tear sealing solution for pharma packaging

Sustainable Functional Labels

Sustainable label concepts based on existing functional labels are, for instance, a Pharma-Tac label for infusion bottles with an integrated hanger and removable documentation parts as well as an Autoinjector-Label for injection systems with anti-slip feature. For both solutions, film materials that have either been recycled or produced from renewable raw materials are used. Extensive tests at in-house R&D have shown that the new materials used ensure a reliable functionality. In addition, the Product Carbon Footprint (PFC) was calculated.

Pharma-Tac label for infusion bottles with integrated hanger as environmentally friendly label
Autoinjector label with anti-slip feature for injection systems in the environmentally friendly variant

Needle-Trap: Needle Protection Meets Sustainability

Needle-Trap is a worldwide unique label with integrated needle trap to protect against needlestick injuries. Compared to conventional needle safety systems, it contains far less plastic and features a very compact design so that there is no need to modify the secondary packaging. Thus, the syringe with an applied needle trap label requires minimal space during transportation, storage and disposal. Up to 50 percent of regranulated material can be incorporated into the plastic trap.

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▶  Needle Protection Meets Sustainability
Needle-Trap Sample Kit

Discover Schreiner MediPharm's needle protection label with “Integrated Sustainability” and request our Needle-Trap sample kit.

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