Mobility: Our Contribution to This Future Market

Our high-tech markings and self-adhesive film-based functional parts make life a bit safer and more mobile.

Mobility Is a Basic Need

Spatial mobility goes far beyond the issue of transport: Mobility is a basic prerequisite for the functioning of a market economy. We understand the term as including all types of mobility. Our solutions range from classic vehicles to electric cars and smart city solutions.

As a strategic partner for the mobility sector, the Schreiner ProTech business unit offers solutions and services that enable mobility and make it safer.

Our Use Cases for Mobility

Radar Lane Change Assist

Safety for an Autonomous Future

Lane change assistance systems are already installed in numerous vehicles today. Our Pressure Compensation Seals protect the sensitive electronics of their modern sensors and are an important element in systems for autonomous driving. As a result, we support our customers on the road toward an autonomous future.

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Occupant Protection

Maximum Safety for Protection Systems

Airbags save lives and may make the difference between life and death. Our printable IC Tapes securely retain airbags in their folded condition. As recently as in 2021, we received the prestigious TLMI Award of the U.S. Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute for them

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Protection Films

Invisible but Indispensable

In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry a frequently overlooked component makes a crucial contribution to the quality and safety of modern automobiles: protection and specialty films. Rather inconspicuous at first glance, these solutions from Schreiner ProTech help to actively shape the future in the automotive market.

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Third License Plate

Clear Identification Using RFID

Metal license plates are easy to steal and exchange. A security label that contains all relevant vehicle information and is applied to the inside of the windshield guarantees security—especially when it’s equipped with RFID functions.

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Swiss Vignette

Security Printing Made in Germany

Since 1985, the Swiss “vignette” has been a key element in national road financing. Since 2022, FO-Security as the general contractor together with Schreiner Group as the print producer, has been entrusted with the responsible task of performing this type of security printing.

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Online Shop

Customized, Fast, and Easy

An automobile consists of a wide variety of vehicle components with individual markings. To make the ordering process for customizable labels as efficient and easy as possible for our customers, we have developed an online shop module with access restrictions.

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Up to 300 functional labels, ranging from identification labels and pressure compensation seals to RFID labels, can be installed in a mid-range car.


#1 Airbag

Airbag: IC-Tapes

IC Tapes

Our IC Tapes assist in both installing and fixing airbags in place. They retain head and shoulder airbags in their folded condition and prevent unintended deployment.

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#2 Interiors and Infotainment

Interiors and Infotainment: Protective Films for Displays

Protective Films for Displays

High-grade displays require effective protection to prevent damage and impaired performance. Our customized protection films ensure that.

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#4 Vehicle Identification

Vehicle Identification : RFID-Windshield Labels

RFID-Windshield Labels

Whether on toll roads, in parking facility management, or for use of a Third License Plate: Our RFID-Windshield Labels enable clear identification of a vehicle.

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#5 ECU

ECU : Venting + Marking

Venting + Marking

Perfect performance of electronic control units (ECUs) requires equalization of overpressures and underpressures in the housing, which our Pressure Compensation Seals ensure. Integrated in a nameplate, they also serve to mark components.

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#6 Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump : Laser Film with Paint Mask

Laser Film with Paint Mask

Our Color Laser Film with paint mask enables reliable marking of components. The special feature of this solution is an integrated paint mask label that can simply be peeled off after the painting process to make the nameplate visible again.

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#7 Transmission Housing

Transmission Housing : Nameplate for Rough Surfaces

Nameplate for Rough Surfaces

A nameplate inside a transmission must permanently resist harshest conditions and adhere to a rough surface. We have specialty adhesives for this purpose ensuring perfect adhesion of a label to rough surfaces

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#8 Labeling

Labeling : Nameplate Set

Nameplate Set

The continuous version of Color Laser Film enables the creation of individual/customized labels or entire nameplate sets at the customer‘s site. These nameplates are freely designable in terms of size and text

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#9 Electric Motor

Electric Motor : Protected Pressure Compensation

Protected Pressure Compensation

An electric motor must be protected against moisture ingress while pressure compensation is ensured. Our steam jet resistant Pressure Compensation Seal resists high mechanical requirements including steam jet cleaners.

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#10 High-Voltage Battery

High-Voltage Battery : Self-Adhesive Die-Cut Parts

Self-Adhesive Die-Cut Parts

Bolts aren‘t always necessary. Instead, components can also be joined together by means of self-adhesive die-cut parts. Uniquely, these solutions have few limitations in terms of size and shape — they‘re flexible, precise, and cost-efficient.

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#11 Charging Infrastructure

Charging Infrastructure: Warning Plates

Warning Plates

Warning plates pointing out the risks of handling high-voltage components are required by law. They must resist mechanical and chemical loads as well as varying temperatures and humidity conditions.

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Selected Product Solutions

Protective Films

Protection for surfaces and components

Protect surfaces and components in the automotive industry from environmental influences and ESD damage.

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Pressure Compensation

Membrane Venting

Pressure compensation seals enable pressure compensation in housings via an air-permeable membrane.

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RFID Solutions

Traffic Management

Security labels for vehicle registration, insurance and operation.

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Our Products—Your Advantage:

  • Resource-optimized manufacturing and logistics process
  • Safety of occupants and other road users
  • The originality of registration documents and insurance certificates
  • Access to parking and paid transportation
  • Developments in autonomous driving and e-mobility

Future Mobility: From Autonomous Driving to E-Bikes

Thomas Köberlein, President of Schreiner ProTech, talks about trends and challenges in the Mobility sector.

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Sustainability: Acting Today for the Generations of Tomorrow

Economic success, ecological responsibility and social commitment are the triad of sustainability. With our innovations, we are making a significant contribution to this: We proactively develop products and solutions that create economic, ecological and social added value in the future, thus helping companies meet their responsibility for people, the environment and society. How can we support you in achieving your sustainability goals?


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