RFID Windshield Label

Schreiner PrinTrust's RFID Windshield Label enables reliable and automatic vehicle identification and authorization verification.

RFID Windshield Label on car window

Operators of parking facilities, toll road operators and fleet managers need fast and reliable vehicle recognition and authorization checking to offer their customers the most efficient “free flow” possible and to optimize processes. The RFID Windshield Label enables automatic, contactless vehicle identification (AVI) in a wide range of applications. Access control and electronic charging of parking or toll are supported just as efficiently as vehicle registration and fleet management. The RFID data transmission over several meters increases convenience and makes many processes more reliable and efficient.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Reliable: Optimal transmission performance due to special antenna design
  • High quality: UV and temperature resistance thanks to special protective film
  • Durable: No battery necessary
  • Durability: Permanent adhesive
  • Small: Requires little space on the windshield
  • Appealing: Clean appearance due to state-of-the-art printing processes
  • Customized: Individual print image to the windshield and the interior
  • Intelligent: Customized programming and serialization
  • Security: Integration of anti-counterfeiting and tamper protection features

Areas of Application of the RFID Windshield Label

  • Access control for parking lots and business premises
  • Toll collection
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle registration
  • Logistic processes
Functionality of an RFID label in access control

Use Cases

Vienna Parking Permit Sticker

Successful Proof of Parking Permission Using RFID

The electronic parking permit sticker has been available in Vienna since 2015. It has to be applied to the windshield just once and can subsequently be read in a contactless process using RFID. A successful project that has been rolled out to the whole city since March 2022.

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Smart Parking: RFID Solutions for Apcoa

Schreiner PrinTrust's RFID Windshield Label Global UHF is an indispensable component of the innovative APCOA Flow application. APCOA, Europe's leading parking manager, offers this digital platform for smart parking in 200 parking garages across Germany.

To the Press Release

RFID Windshield Label: Free Travel at the Warnow Tunnel Thanks to RFID Tolls

The Warnow Tunnel in Rostock is one of the most modern road tunnels in Europe, with more than 11,000 vehicles passing through it every day. Since 2012, the private operator, Warnowquerung GmbH & Co. KG, has been using Schreiner PrinTrust's reliable RFID Windshield labels for vehicle identification as part of its automatic payment system.


RFID toll in the Warnow Tunnel in Rostock

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