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Trend-Setting RFID Solutions for Industry 4.0

Digital data-controlled processes, completely networked production and fully automated manufacturing operations are the major elements of Industry 4.0 and have the potential to optimize processes and reduce costs. Components, assemblies and containers equipped with RFID labels are among the key prerequisites for tapping into this potential. RFID labels provide every item with its own identity, enable autonomous in-process control and end-to-end data acquisition across the entire supply chain.

The cooperation with Schreiner ProTech means above all: To have a future orientated development partner at eye level. Schreiner ProTech is a complete integrated system supplier for labelling solutions, accompanying all project phases – from an intensive consultation on the technology and process integration, to the product development and implementation of the application system as well as the production series. Together with Schreiner LogiData, the expert for digital label solutions with more than 100 implemented RFID projects and over 20 years’ experience, arises customized solutions that pursue one major goal: optimize processes and reduce cost.