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End-to-End Supply Chain Integrity
First-opening Protection and Tamper Evidence.
Closure Seals
  • Cut-through Indictator Seal: When cutting through the specialty closure seal with a knife, colored parts of the seal are separated from it. Undetected re-application after exchanging products is impossible.

  • A Transparent-Hologram Seal with a void effect offers customized as well as highly decorative protection against tampering – the integrated void effect emerges when the seal is opened for the first time.

  • Covert-Hologram Seal: The closed Covert-Hologram Seal appears nearly inconspicuous. An irreversible holographic effect only emerges when the seal is opened.

  • When removing the Fiber-Tear Closure Label, the cardboard surface of the packaging is irreversibly destroyed due to an adhesive that is ideally adapted to the material.

  • Film-Tear Closure Seal:The specific material selection, special shape and additional kiss cuts make it nearly impossible to separate the seal as a whole from the substrate. Instead, the seal will tear and thus be irreversibly destroyed.

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Pharmaceutical product packs have to remain intact up to the time of reaching the patient to guarantee the integrity of the packaged drug. This is demanded by regulatory requirements, such as the "Falsified Medicine Directive 2011/62/EU".


Closure seals are used to securely seal the folding box and to simplify handling. The seals reliably indicate unauthorized opening, are used to re-seal the box, and provide proof of authenticity. Schreiner MediPharm offers a wide range of closure seal solutions tailored to the respective packaging security requirements.


All seals reliably indicate first opening, provide tamper protection, and feature a high-grade design as well as customization options. Combined with counterfeiting protection features, closure seals perform several functions, thus enabling leaner processes and cost reductions. In addition, the seals' attractive design boosts the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s brand image.