RFID-3rd License Plate

The security label is used for reliable marking and identification of vehicles in addition to classic license plates.

Safety label for marking and identification of vehicles

Classic license plates mounted on the outside of the vehicle can easily be stolen, copied and reused without authorization. Securely in the protected vehicle interior, the third license plate is used as a supplement to these license plates. The security label from the Schreiner PrinTrust business unit provides protection mechanisms against non-destructive detachment. It is protected from tampering and counterfeiting thanks to sophisticated security features.

The self-adhesive seal bears the vehicle data issued by the registration authority. Optionally integrated RFID technology enables contactless and fast acquisition of all information. As a basis for secure authentication, the third license plate can additionally cover other use cases such as proof of insurance, proof of tax/levy, parking authorization, toll or access control. 

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Individual: Depending on the required safety level and individual requirements, the product can be adapted on a modular basis.
  • Easy personalization via thermal transfer printing
  • Safe: Integration of anti-counterfeiting features and tamper evidence
  • UV and temperature resistance
  • Optional RFID integration
Individualization of the third license plate

Re-marking by Thermal Transfer Printing

In the registration offices, the individualization of the third license plate is done on a special inscription field via thermal transfer printing. Due to the perforated carrier tape, it can be easily separated and issued before being attached to the inside of the windshield. 

The third license plate with RFID and/or NFC function

Additional RFID Function UHF and/or NFC

This sophisticated version of a third party license plate also contains a passive RFID transponder. In addition to the registration data, individual information can be stored on the chip and read out without contact. 

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