Film-Based Cover

Reduces complexity and weight. Saves costs and installation space.

Housing with a cover made of film
Electronics housing with film-based cover

Film-Based Solution as Housing Closure

Component housings made of plastic are usually closed with injection moulded covers. The disadvantage: this closure variant is often associated with high tooling costs and requires a certain amount of space during transport and installation. The film-based solution from Schreiner ProTech is simpler and less complicated. The film is permanently and securely bonded to the housing by laser welding, and any electronic components are protected. The film-based cover is lightweight, flat, provides a waterproof and dustproof seal, and withstands chemical, mechanical, and thermal stress.

Advantages over Injection-Moulded Covers

  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership 
  • Elimination of production and leakage problems due to warped injection-moulded covers
  • fitting sealing of housings
  • Higher transparency (radar, ultrasound, radio, light…) leads to improved performance of sensors
  • Reduction of the overall height
  • 60–90% weight reduction
  • Sustainability: Less material use leads to reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Simple, efficient processing due to packaging on a roll

Off the Roll: Film-Based Solution for More Flexibility

A housing closure using a film-based cover (FBC) is not only smaller and lighter than the classic injection-moulded cover, but also offers other advantages.

Replacing a three-dimensional injection-moulded part with a film-based one leads to a significant reduction in complexity. The aspect of tool costs in particular plays a significant role here. These are reduced by at least a factor of 10 with the film-based solution. The switch to the FBC also allows a high degree of flexibility for possible design changes. A significantly simplified PPAP process rounds off the solution.

With the help of an automatic application system by Schreiner ProTech, this cover replacement can be applied accurately and cost-effectively: Instead of bulk material, material on a roll is used.

Foils are punched out on machine
Housing with Film-Based Cover
Additional Functions:


Significant complexity reduction:

  • PCS example: automatic pressure control inside the housing in case of temperature fluctuations
  • TTR example: no need for a separate nameplate

As a result, the number of assembly steps in the production line clearly decreases and the administrative effort is substantially reduced.

Processing Made Easy

The individual processing steps and systems are perfectly coordinated in the Film-Based Cover. For customers, this means a significant overall simplification and cost reduction.

With the Film-Based Cover, a sturdy polyester film is die-cut in the appropriate format and supplied on a roll on a lightly adhesive backing. Schreiner ProTech's systems then ensure precise positioning on the housing. This accuracy, combined with the company's many years of expertise, is then reflected in laser welding along the component edge.

Film-Based Cover – the lightweight, precise, and stable closure solution for tomorrow's industry challenges.

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