Data Protection & Cookies

The protection of your personal data and your privacy is very important to us. Thus, Schreiner Group collects, processes, and uses your personal data exclusively in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions.

1. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Data

In principle, you can access and view this website without having to share your personal data with us. However, when visiting the website, your browser automatically transmits your IP address in order to receive the content of the website. We can save this IP address in internal system log files in order to be able to simulate and resolve any errors that may occur on the website and for securing our systems. These log files are not analyzed for other purposes.

1.1 Online Applications

On this website, you have the option to apply for a position with Schreiner Group. In this case, your data and documents are transmitted to Schreiner Group in encrypted form and saved in our internal application system. Of course, we treat your data in the strictest confidence, do not forward them to third parties, and process them only for your application. If your data are no longer required for this purpose, we promptly delete them in accordance with the statutory regulations.


1.2 Newsletter

You can voluntarily subscribe to our newsletter by providing your e-mail address. Your e-mail address will be used to periodically send you e-mails with interesting news about Schreiner Group or our business units. 

If you no longer wish to receive future Schreiner Group newsletters you may unsuscribe by clicking on the “Unsuscribe“ link contained in each of our newsletters. 


2. Cookies and Other Technologies

When visiting this website, cookies may be stored on your computer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive, which enable your computer to be recognized. However, they do not permit the personal identification of individuals. Cookies are used to configure the website offering for you on a pseudonymous basis and facilitate your usage of the website.
With the same goal, pixel tags are also utilized. Pixel tags are small graphics that can be used on websites to enable log files to be recorded and analyzed and are thus used for statistical evaluations. How these technologies (hereinafter, uniformly referred to as cookies) are used is explained in greater detail below.

2.1 Managing Cookies

For the management of the cookies used, the tool by Piwik PRO of Piwik PRO GmbH, Schanzenstr. 31, 51063 Cologne is used.

2.2 Website Analysis and Optimization

Cookies are used on this website for the optimization of the website. This way, it can be determined on a pseudonymized basis what content is popular or less popular among users of the website. We also automatically use the data that your browser sends us during your visit for the same purpose. However, your IP address is anonymized prior to this use so that we cannot identify you individually.

3. Use of Social Media Plug-Ins

Schreiner Group uses so-called social media plug-ins on this website. Most plug-ins are passive and do not transmit data from you to third parties until after you have clicked the respective button. On the other hand, some plug-ins are active and transmit data to third parties automatically as soon as you access this website.

When a social media plug-in is active, either because you have activated it or because it is activated on this website by default, your IP address and the currently visited page of the Schreiner Group website is forwarded to the social media platform. If you are simultaneously logged in on the respective social media platform, this information is associated with your social network account. In addition, if you click a link for sharing content, the corresponding content is shared on your social network account and linked to your social network account.

If you do not agree to this transfer of data, please log out of your social media platforms before visiting the Schreiner Group website with integrated social media plug-ins.

The following active social media plug-ins are integrated on the Schreiner Group website:

  • Plug-ins of the Facebook social network from Facebook, Inc. 1601 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025. These plug-ins can be recognized by the Facebook logo (a white “f” with a blue background). Additional information regarding the collection, processing, and usage of your data by Facebook can be found in Facebook’s Data Policy at

  • Plug-ins of the Twitter social network from the Twitter, Inc.,  1355 Market Street, Suite 900,  San Francisco, CA 94103. These plug-ins can be recognized by the Twitter logo (a stylized blue bird) and terms such as “Twitter” or “Tweet.” Additional information regarding the collection, processing, and usage of your data by Twitter can be found in Twitter’s Privacy Policy at

  • Plug-ins of the Xing social network from XING AG, Dammtorstrasse 30, 20354 Hamburg, Germany. These plug-ins can be recognized by the Xing logo (a slightly offset “x” with a green background). Additional information regarding the collection, processing, and usage of your data by Xing can be found in Xing’s Privacy Policy at

  • Plug-ins of the LinkedIn social network from LinkedIn Corporation 2029 Stierlin Court Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. These plug-ins can be recognized by the LinkedIn logo (the sequence of the letters “in”). Additional information regarding the collection, processing, and usage of your data by LinkedIn can be found in LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy at


4. Contact Information

If you have questions or comments on the topic of data protection, you can contact Schreiner Group’s data protection officer (Mr. Brinio Hond) at any time: