Processing of Pressure Compensation Seals

Pressure compensation seals have a particularly sensitive membrane structure. This requires the utmost care and accuracy when applying. We offer the perfectly matched processing and testing systems for this.

Perfect Processing

Membranes for venting housing allow pressure compensation and at the same time prevent the ingress of liquids.

These membranes are extremely sensitive and therefore require special processing systems.

Our wide range of solutions includes systems for every application—from manual processing to semi-automatic systems and fully integrable processing modules to autonomously operating manufacturing cells.

The systems are made particularly outstanding by easily integrated membrane test units: Be it just a visual inspection, an airflow test that can be used to test air permeability, or a water ingress test.

A fully automatic processing system for pressure compensation membranes
A fully automatic processing system for pressure compensation membranes, is particularly suitable for industrial production.
Water ingress test for membranes
A water penetration test can be used to test the water-tightness of membranes.
Aeration elements can be used to equalize the pressure in enclosures.
Pressure compensation seals can be used to equalize the pressure in enclosures.
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When applying, the sensitive membrane structure of the aeration elements requires special care.
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