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Reliable Disposal of Opioid Transdermal Patches

Patch-Safe from Schreiner MediPharm Ensures Safe Storage of Used Transdermal Patches

For safe disposal of patches containing active ingredients Schreiner MediPharm developed the Patch-Safe specialty label for PS Marketing & Outsourcing GmbH. The multilayer label is applied to sachets and reliably seals a used transdermal patch between two layers. In the case of patches containing high concentrations of opioids, an accidental transfer of active ingredients to the skin and the resulting health risks, as well as potential abuse, can thus be prevented.

When properly used, transdermal patches with high concentrations of active ingredients are effective and safe means of drug delivery used in chronic pain management or hormone therapy. However, when patches that contain opioids come into contact with the skin of non-patients, this may lead to serious health problems with deadly consequences—especially for children. In addition, pain patches in particular pose a high risk of abuse by drug addicts or, in some cases, by patients suffering from chronic pain because even used patches still contain large amounts of active ingredients. Therefore, health authorities in various countries have issued recommendations and requirements for safe disposal of the patches.

With the label that has been newly developed by Schreiner MediPharm patches containing active ingredients can be safely stored and and disposed of after they have been used. The specialty label solution for sachets of transdermal patches is applied to the individual packaging unit and consists of several layers. The bottom layer permanently adheres to the sachet while the transparent top layer can be partially opened to insert the patch and to firmly seal it by reclosing the label. For additional safety, Patch-Safe can be provided with a perforation for tamper protection: An attempt to reopen the label with the inserted and sealed patch will cause the label to tear along the perforation—peeling off the top label layer will then only be possible with great force and thus additionally impedes abuse.

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PS Marketing & Outsourcing GmbH based in Meerbusch/Germany is a full-service company that facilitates drug approvals for pharmaceutical companies, supplies finished dosage forms and offers marketing Support.

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With the Patch-Safe specialty label transdermal patches containing active ingredients can be safely stored and disposed of after they have been used.

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