January 08, 2020   Schreiner MediPharm
Schreiner MediPharm at Pharmapack in Paris 2020

Schreiner MediPharm to Showcase New Robust RFID Pharma-Label and Secure Supply Chain Solutions

“Connectivity” and “Integrity of the Supply Chain” are two hot topics of the pharmaceutical industry to be addressed by Schreiner MediPharm at this year’s Pharmapack in Paris. On February 5 and 6, in Hall 7.2 at Booth D46, the pharma label specialist will present a special product innovation: a Robust RFID-Label delivering reliable end-to-end functionality from production to final use. Two other innovative products to be showcased ensure the integrity of primary containers: Cap-Lock for sealing prefilled syringes and Flexi-Cap Prime that irreversibly indicates any tampering attempt on a vial.

Robust RFID-Label Ensures Reliable Connectivity
Interaction between the user and the pharmaceutical manufacturer, and communication between the product and a medical device: Equipping pharmaceutical products and medical devices with RFID-Labels results in smart devices that help optimize processes and enhance ease and safety of use. Extreme robustness and perfect performance of the RFID-Labels throughout the various processing stages and across the entire supply chain are prerequisites for achieving these objectives. Particularly critical to ensuring robustness is the label’s design.

The new Robust RFID-Label from Schreiner MediPharm consists of a label-integrated RFID tag that is secured by the label’s special construction. Thus, potential damage to the RFID chip, for instance due to mechanical impact during the manufacturing and handling processes, can be avoided. This guarantees perfect end-to-end performance of the RFID chip from production to final use – especially on round containers with narrow radii. Schreiner MediPharm customizes the label’s design to suit the respective application and pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Thus, pharmaceutical manufacturers are provided with an effective and reliable solution supporting product and patient safety.

Cap-Lock and Flexi-Cap Prime Support Integrity of the Supply Chain
Ever since the EU Falsified Medicines Directive came into effect, tampering with secondary packaging of prescription medicines has been more difficult. However, legislation has not yet resolved the issue of ensuring the integrity of primary containers. With Cap-Lock and Flexi-Cap Prime, Schreiner MediPharm is presenting two security concepts that prevent undetected opening of a primary container and thus ensure its integrity: The Cap-Lock cap adapter seals prefilled luer-lock syringes and reliably indicates if a syringe has been opened before. The innovative Flexi-Cap Prime cap label makes any attempt of tampering with a vial irreversibly visible.

Schreiner MediPharm will also take part in the Pharmapack conference program and present the following topics together with its partners:
•    A Novel Container Integrity Concept for Vials – Use Cases and Concepts for Machine Processability Workshop session with Bausch + Ströbel Maschinenfabrik Ilshofen, February 5, 10.00 – 10.40 a.m.
•    Pharmaceutical Labeling for Prefilled Syringes – Providing More than just Information
Learning lab with Schott AG, February 6, 3.10 – 3.40 p.m.

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Robust RFID-Label
The new Robust RFID-Label from Schreiner MediPharm ensures reliable end-to-end functionality of the RFID chip.

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Cap-Lock from Schreiner MediPharm easily, intuitively and safely protects syringes against undetected tampering attempts.

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Flexi-Cap Prime
Due to its combined tear strip for the label and cap, the new Flexi-Cap Prime offers even higher safety.

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