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Customized RFID labels (HF/ UHF) for reliable identification and exacting demands

Add speed, efficiency and economy to your business with RFID

As a development partner and manufacturer in the field of “Radio Frequency Identification“ (RFID), the Competence Center Schreiner LogiData has been designing, developing and producing in cooperation with the business units of the Schreiner Group customized RFID labels and systems, as well as track & trace solutions, for optimizing processes in warehouse and shipping logistics, material flow and production control, for more than fifteen years. Any solution will be either enhancing the transparency and economy of individual processes or across the entire value chain.

  • The abbreviation RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and refers to a technology for radio frequency identification of data without line of sight
  • Customized development and production of RFID labels on rolls based on all RFID chips conventionally used in the marketplace, as well as customized antennas and inlay combinations
  • Process monitoring, analysis and product development based on customer requirements and a neutral approach to technology
  • User-specific RFID label development, tests and standards-based testing in in-house laboratory
  • Solutions specifically tailored to the respective application combining the RFID label, RFID printer and RFID dispensing system
  • Labels tailored to challenging substrates such as metal, ESD, carbon fiber, glass or harsh ambient conditions such as heat or cold
  • Certified supplier drawing on many years of know-how concerning RFID standards, certifications and safety requirements of the automotive and pharmaceutical industries
  • RFID products customized in terms of storage volume and security functions such as encryption and authentication

RFID labels perform a vast array of functions in a wide range of applications

  • Automatic identification of consumables directly inside the equipment
  • Direct end user information for invisibly marked products using a smartphone NFC interface
  • Automatic component or component assembly identification in smart factory conformant workflows in assembly or manufacturing operations
  • Lock-key applications: communication between material and machine, in-machine assembly data acquisition of the component for monitoring consumption periods and approval of work routines
  • Service documentation and optimized product lifecyle management based on RFID / NFC nameplates
  • Data acquisition of containers, trays, racks, etc. with RFID to include metal and ESD substrates in logistics and empties management
  • Batch tracing and product lifecycle management in production logistics
  • Service documentation on the component or service parameters on the product
  • Access control and vehicle identification for parking facility management or on toll roads
  • Hybrid NFC and UHF solutions
  • Contactless data transmission in compliance with maximum security requirements due to encryption and digital signatures
  • Integration of RFID technology and sensors


RFID solutions have the potential to optimize processes and reduce costs. To learn more about possible applications in logistics, component identification or machine-material-communication, please visit:


RFID Solutions for Industry 4.0

Schreiner LogiData: Your Partner for RFID/NFC

RFID labels and systems are always customized to meet individual requirements. This results in tailored solutions in terms of size, printing, durability, adhesion performance, chip technology or technical functionality. Thanks to comprehensive system know-how and long-standing experience, your RFID solution will be precisely meeting your needs – including multifunctional performance features, if desired.

Special requirements such as tampering protection, personalization and encryption – the possibilities are nearly unlimited.

In cooperation with the business units Schreiner LogiData will be pleased to assist you with advice and hands-on support. Even before you choose to use RFID, our experts, either in workshops or personal meetings, will provide you with detailed information about the RFID solution that will be able to deliver the greatest benefit to your business. Our expert consulting support is based on years of experience from numerous successful projects in a wide range of industries.

A strong concept lays the foundation for a sound solution. Schreiner LogiData pursues a comprehensive approach to developing your customized RFID solution. It includes an assessment of your entire value chain with all the players involved, followed by jointly establishing precise objectives for your project with you.

Process Analysis
The potential for RFID application will be investigated in an in-depth on-site analysis of your existing processes. The various possible uses and implementation proposals for optimum product selection will be documented in writing and pre-selected to qualify the possible RFID options for the respective process.

Feasibility Study
In preparation for a system rollout, Schreiner LogiData will perform extensive reading tests with RFID readers and flexible antenna equipment to determine the physical suitability of the RFID labels in the customer’s process. It goes without saying that complete documentation of the RFID reading results and related recommendations will be provided.

Pilot Stage
If desired, any RFID solution will be thoroughly tested in an extensive pilot project prior to its rollout in your operations. Schreiner LogiData has a professionally equipped test lab for this purpose in which the application environment can be simulated. At the same time, the test lab is a research lab for completely new products. The know-how being generated as a result of this research will be fed directly into your solutions.

The Right Partner
20 years of experience in the field of RFID HF and UHF solutions has led to a large number of customer solutions, to which some 20 million other RFID labels are added year after year. Due to our certifications according to IATF 16949 standards, we ensure top quality, non-disclosure and security for your data and products.

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