Material Processing Using Laser Technology

In modern manufacturing operations, product variants frequently change and therefore require flexible labeling capabilities and long-term marking. Schreiner Group offers materials for post-processing using lasers according to the respective adhesion substrates and project requirements. Marking and cutting of continuous laser film in various colors and roll widths is possible.

Specialized Know-how for a Wide Range of Challenges

Color Laser Film

For flexible subsequent inscription of self-adhesive labels on Nd:YAG-, vanadate and fiber laser systems, Schreiner Group has developed Color Laser Film. The contactless laser marking process takes place inside the material composite underneath a transparent protective film. The chemical conversion of the laser-active layer releases neither solid particles nor gases. Minor emissions are merely produced during the optional cutting process. Thus, the cleaning and maintenance requirements for your laser system are significantly reduced combined with a clearly lower adverse impact on the environment. If pre-cut label versions are used, the process is totally emission-free and therefore fit for clean-room operations. The specially developed transparent overlaminate creates a surface which is highly resistant against mechanical, chemical and climatic influences. The transparent protective film is not damaged during the marking process, which ensures a permanent protective effect.

Laboratory for Individual Application Tests

Schreiner Group works with various types of laser systems (Nd:YVO4; fiber laser) and a CO2 laser for marking and cutting suitability tests, and parameter optimization. Customers getting started in the field of laser marking can rely on comprehensive expert advice. Renowned laser equipment manufacturers are the company’s partners. In the event that a customer has not yet decided to purchase their own laser equipment, Schreiner Group offers tailored solutions and will initially take care of laser engraving the labels for the customer.

Application in Industrial Operations

  • Automotive industry and technical industries

Prime Examples of Successful Products

  • Color Laser Film (CLF) as continuous film in automotive assembly lines
  • Color Laser Film (CLF) with integrated paint masks, e.g. for diesel injection pumps

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